Will i be sad to watch Mathare United go down? NO

What do you get when you combine the love of Rock Music to that of football- I’m not really sure. I seem to not love on of them but love the other extremely. Well for this @zaxoguda guest post, he explores a beautiful angle of watching a Mathare United side go down (he is actually foreseeing it happen) as he seeks to explore his love for Rock music and relate it to a whole season ending in raw nerves for a side that once ruled the Kenyan game; Enjoy!



I love music. General music- Rock music has been part of me since I was young. Noel Callagher to be precise. In his piece ‘Where did it all go wrong’, one of the songs in the ‘Shoulders of giants’ album, that features him on lead vocals, he explains why front man Liam Callagher did not sing the song. Noel claims that (vocally) Liam just couldn’t get that one. The melody shifts quite a lot. Liam hasn’t got that dynamism the song needs and his voice wouldn’t just be the right one.


Isn’t it exciting how every single thing can get related to another- how a single situation when related to another explores a whole world of dynamism. Yes, today my love for music is put to the test, the dynamism of one song helps explain the world of Mathare United and why I wouldn’t be sad to watch them go down.


If Mathare United avoid relegation this coming weekend, their supporters will be asking themselves the same question. Which is why, like many football folks, I will not be sorry if they are relegated on Saturday. After all they have worked so single-mindedly and assiduously for this defining moment.


They have kept in their rank the wrong chairman, the wrong executives, the wrong managers and the wrong players. When, by accident it seemed, they discovered that a brilliant striker was retrieving some of the many gaffers by their awful midfield, they flogged him to Tusker F.C.


Their supporters deserve more than this, even though they are flawed too regarding their beloved club as a greater club than they truly are. The slum boys as they are fondly known haven’t won any domestic trophy since November 16th 2008. This is a big club, not one of the giants of the contemporary game and should be challenging for tittles.


Rations have never been as tight as they are now for the slum boys. Across the season and with the ‘former champions’ tag, they have just won 5 of the 29 games played, managed 17 draws and lost 7 times compared to last season when they finished 8th  with 41 points( W 10, D 11, L 9)


If Mathare United fall this weekend don’t praise their opponents- Sofapaka, or the desperate survival instincts of Homeboyz, Sony Sugar or Muhoroni Youth. “MUFC” should take all the credit for seeing their concentrated efforts achieve such an appropriate conclusion.

The shrewd guidance of one Bob Munro has taken the club to this precipice. Munro may have founded the club (that’s the info I have) in order to boost the living standards of the slum boys but just in the span of an hr and a half- that might change as Mathare marches on to the murky waters of Division Football.


After Salim Ali was unable to lift the club to its expected standards, Munro( after sacking the interim one Gabriel Kingi) turned to a man who had spent most of his career as second choice and who had seem singularly reluctant to take up the challenge. Stanley Okumbi, who was in the lower tier a year ago must now work hard to rescue them- a task too hectic for someone who hasn’t been in the same situation before. He had to build his own team after a series of sales in Ali’s era, hardly an appointment to inspire an already demoralized club.


Mathare are in a complete mess on and off the pitch, a perfect chapter for a yet to be published book ’HOW NOT TO RUN A FOOTBALL CLUB’. It’s funny isn’t it- today they look for players in the calibre of Wendo and Ouma to save them, strikers out of form, 7 goals between them probably a line that would be used on the last chapter of that unpublished book.


Which is why, if they do manage to get out of their desperate hole on Saturday (and they must better Homeboyz results), they would have all the right to this time revel in the words of another famous Noel Gallagher quote “Frontmen come alive when they are on stage”


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  1. Hey Zax, i thoroughly enjoyed this one- Sadly i doubt if Mathare will go down that easily. Watched them against Sony Sugar Fc over the weekend, they gonna fight. Should they go down though, it will mark the start of the end of a beautiful journey for this slum side- Let’s watch and see how it goes.

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