With all due respect, Arsenal stopped being a top four EPL team ages ago. The emergence of other footballing powers in England has condemned Arsenal to mere spectators as other teams pick silverware, a position no Arsenal fan ever thought they would find themselves under the Prof. Amidst all the transfer speculation that has dogged the club the last two seasons, one noble Dutch man stands out, a true servant of his club. Having not achieved much success with the Dutch team, it would be disappointing to see him not succeed with club football as well. Nationality is something you can’t change but club football and trophies can be got anywhere and it’s high time Shaqueel’s dad got this fact right.
The recent speculation of RVP leaving, in my eyes are so justified and if he is to leave it could be because of Wenger and not because he wants to move. Wenger has proved so clueless in recent time that he can still face the media and claim his team is on the right track and favourites to finish in the top four positions. Tottenham seems to have cemented their place and maybe could only get to Chelsea if AVB’s problems continue. Should RVP decide to leave, I got a few reasons I think would be his reason to leave.
1.       Arsenal’s trophy drought.
Every Arsenal fan has had to endure 6 seasons of no silverware and for somebody in the caliber of Van Persie, the end of the season should be a rewarding adventure for him. A champion’s league medal, a domestic league medal and a cup medal is an experience RvP has had to endure just watching on TV and reading on papers. Should a top club that is ready to win trophies come for his signature, in the name of Barcelona or the likes come looking for his signature, I bet he will have no reason to go.
2.       Lack of serious signings by Wenger.
Wenger has had some of the best names in the game but has let them go without making any serious replacements for them. Yes he’s made some signings, but they have never come to be like their predecessors. Wenger has of late been linked with some big names i.e. Podolski, Harzard but has let them off the hook claiming they are so expensive. Van Persie has never had a serious strike partner and Wenger seems to be not noticing this.
3.       Lack of Ambition from the Arsenal board.
A player in any game cares about trophies he wins and not the profits of the club. Arsenal is a club that is in one of the best financial positions in England and getting players who can win trophies should not be a big deal. The board has so far been able to get the club to a new stadium, which is good but have not been able to get the talent to the stadium. They never talk of winning anything but are contented with the profits they make at the end of every financial year. There is a tale of business and not success in the eyes of the fans and the players, trophies.
4.       Winning mentality
From the Manager to the players at Arsenal, there seems to be no winning mentality in the squad. Very few times have Arsenal been able to overturn results in their favour and go on to win a game they trail. The atmosphere is always relaxed and Wenger’s excuses give room for non performing acts to continue derailing the team. Nobody seems to take Responsibility for a loss and the cycle repeats itself day in, day out. The Arsenal spirit of the early millennium looks to have been left at Highbury and in no position Wenger seems to be returning it back.
5.       Poor Technical decisions
The recent loss to Manchester United that most fans attribute to Wenger’s tactical stupidity was just the last nail on the coffin. His insistence on playing Arshavin and Walcott has costed the team several games. Wasteful Ramsey, Poor, poor Djorou just to mention but a few don’t even deserve a place in the team bench but Wenger has insisted of playing them, rather having to keep the good players in the bench or in the reserve team.
The next few days before the end of the January transfer window will prove to be a turning point in Van Persie’s, Wenger’s and Arsenal’s future. Should they miss on the top four spot, Van Persie will surely leave for Champion league football somewhere. Arsenal’s history under Wenger would be tainted and the old golden days of Arsenal, Tuesday/Wednesday European nights would be a story left for the history writers. This is the last chance for Wenger to redeem himself, the Dutchman has made it clear, he’s willing to go, and not just go, go to a club where ambition exists, ambition is football, technical supremacy, trophies and glory, what he’s failed to get at Arsenal.
  1. The Dutchman hasn’t made it clear he’s willing to go. You’re right about the fact that there are some reasons why he could go, but he hasn’t made that clear, as of now. So the conclusion is not entirely based on facts. In fact he seems to be quite happy in England and wants to see his kids grow up there. At least that’s what he said recently. ‘In England’ could also be with another club, of course. But if he goes I think it will be abroad. He isn’t the kind of person that would join another english team, out of respect for Arsenal. So I think. But, nice story. Well thought out and written.

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