As Arsenal line up to face AC Milan tonight at the San Siro, a lot will be on the gunners fan’s lips even before the kick-off, but what is bound to elicit reactions is the jersey they shall line up in.  The typical Arsenal jersey is always branded ‘Fly Emirates’ at the front, but tonight that will not be the case as AC Milan on the other hand too has ‘Fly Emirates’ as their official shirt sponsors.
Many by now may be wondering what point I’m driving at; Please all Gunners fans, the UEFA rules state that ‘in a case where two opposing teams, with the same shirt sponsors clash, one team, preferably the away team (in this case Arsenal), jersey will have to bear a sponsored product of the parent sponsor. Rumours to this effect, suggest that Arsenal tonight will line up in the team’s third kit, with ‘DUBAI’ on the front of the jersey.
This scenario actually occurred in 2007 when Arsenal faced Hamburg of Germany who were at that time sponsored by ‘Fly Emirates’ and the Arsenal team had to put with the Yellow ‘DUBAI’ jersey while playing in Germany. Video here  . On the other hand, Hamburg had to change to ‘DUBAI’ too when they visited Arsenal in England on the return leg. Might be a weird situation most fans find themselves in tonight, but for any reason should you see Van Persie in a ‘DUBAI’ branded shirt, don’t start cursing why Wenger let him go to another club, he’s still a gunner for now.
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