Forget it, this is not gonna sound even as a preview but just some dirty footballing thought I’m putting down. I’ve been sitting here for a pretty good time trying to wonder why the world is so selfish. Why would you play an injured player, leave alone playing him, why do you even call him up. The EPL is rigorous I understand and national rankings at stake too, but wait, the friendlies are so meaningless at this stage. The teams going to play the Euro are already known. Why would you play Vermelen and Gerrard, considering Vermelen was already nursing a small injury, (some Tottenham fans say Parker) and Gerrard considering his injury record of late and having played 120 minutes in the League Cup final. 
At this point of the season few teams are playing their preferred first eleven and tomorrows match is not an exception by any standards. Arsenal who welcomed back Sagna last weekend might have to do with the news of Van Persie and Vermelen missing and good Lord, Diaby is back? This guy is paid lots of cash just to get injured, don’t  even remind me of Newcastle last season, he just wasted that season for Arsenal, why he wasn’t sold in the summer is something I still fail to understand. On the other side, seems Liverpool might have to do with the absence of the sensational, loyal and Charismatic Gerrard and also Daniel Agger. Been a long week for Gerrard and a deserved rest will not only do him well but also the team considering their place in the Europa league next season is already sealed (by virtue of winning the league cup), a tournament they have since become used to *with all due respect
As a young fan in all aspects, Anfield battles for me have been very entertaining in recent time. Chamakh and Pepe Reina saved me my bet last season when it was clear i was already loosing my money considering the financial state I was in at the time. Away from finances and bets, my good old friend from Ivory Coast probably Diaby’s best friend in training and on bus journey’s, Eboue crashed all the hopes Arsenal had of winning the title last season. I understood Wenger’s frustration at the referee but considering all the teams played the same number of minutes, 11 players a piece, he surely had no reason to raise a word.
Earlier this season, Arsenal were at their worst form and a defeat at Emirates to Liverpool sure never surprised me but what surprised me most is the way Arsenal have come back right in it. Liverpool sure have a game in hand but coming into this, I’m lost for choice who the underdog is. Let me say, Liverpool somewhat have an upper hand but if the results of last week’s humbling of Tottenham and the score line at Wemley at the end of 120 minutes is anything to go by, then sure Liverpool are in for a rough afternoon. Arsenal seem to score at every game now, but at the same time how they concede is a wonder. 
All in all, I tend to think it’s a reality check for both the teams. Arsenal have had good results on the road but the crowd at Anfield, boy, it scares the hell off you. At this stage I might go for a draw until the 80th minute of the game when anything happens. Arsenal concedes an own goal or a penalty while on the other hand, Gibbs get’s in a cross for Vantastic (depending on the fitness he might not line up), Rosicky pops up with a goal or the flying Englishman outpaces the left back and ask Friedel, you gotta ask, why always me? Other than that, taking into account Suarez’s antics, never rule him out of gracing the back pages of English media come Sunday morning, what he’s capable of doing, Benayoun should get booed at Anfield, but should the Israeli score, heaven come down, the celebration? Sure the press gonna talk about it even if Arsenal loose.
I think, Nelson Mandela too should be able to survive another two weeks (Ramsey doesn’t appear in the next two weeks) but when all is done and dusted, who walks alone?, will be the big question. Will Arsenal walk alone at Anfield or will the old red saying go against it’s masters? Merseyside knows best, Drama is an understatement; action is not even in the vocabulary but football is the name.
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