GGMU, And the reds go marching on….Mmmmh, yes marching on, but up to what point with this kind of football? Credit to them, they did all the hard work at Ajax last week, managed to fight off a few nervy minutes towards the end of the game and the dream of a Europa League trophy kept alive albeit for the moment. Ajax sure bowed out of the tournament but trust me, those lads were better than their hosts at Trafford for most parts of the evening, should they have just got in one more, then maybe only the blue moon would still be flying over Europa football.
But lads, this leads me to the big question, what type of Manchester United is this? 
Over the years, at this time of the year, you would expect Man U to be in CL football, probably waiting for the Carling final if not still progressing in the F.A Cup and would be fighting for the league title too. But this is not the case this year, I really can’t say Ferguson has lost it but sure he has made great steps downwards rather than upwards. 
Take a case of yesterday’s night football against Ajax, clearly showed me that without Wayne Rooney, the team virtually suffers. Welbeck cuts a lone figure at the front without Rooney and Man U just looses rhythm right from midfield. Berbatov sure still has something to offer for this club but not for a longer time. The Bulgarian has had more of the bench than he really wanted and despite the manager insisting the lad still has something to offer, you can’t help but pity the number 9. 
Ferguson is well known for making amazing signings over the years and the last summer was no exception. Some of his signings have been naïve but the others have greatly improved over time. De Gea pulled some miraculous saves to deny Ajax on more than an occasion and I feel Phil Jones is greatly improving. But this leads me to a summer signing I fail to understand why Manchester United brought in the first place, Ashley Young. For a winger, the man is awful, his runs don’t impress anymore and his crosses just lack the venom in them. Why he insists on taking the corners is something I fail to understand and the sooner he gets on the bench, the better.
One player most fans have seemed to ignore his contribution to the team is surely JS Park. The S Korean always cuts a lone figure in the midfield running after every ball and makes me wonder again why he’s got to be relegated to the bench often. The midfield at Manchester is currently still in tatters even with the return of Sholes, Hernandez and Co are not at their best and the back seems to be shaky in the absence of Vidic, Evra and Ferdinand. 
Realistically, Man U can only win two titles this season. The not so prestigious Europa League and the Premier league I so badly want them to win. Edging out City at the top of the table who are ruthless at the moment won’t be easy and still having to face the Europa giants on several Thursday nights won’t be easy too. I expect to watch fewer Saturday EPL ties featuring Man U considering they play in Europe on Thursday night. My take is that Ferguson needs to get his priorities right before he stares a trophyless season straight to the face. He either goes for the league or for Europe.  
The league is much more realistic, all they need to do is win all the remaining matches and pray city falter at one stage or another. Besides they are more familiar with teams in the league than those in Europe who may cause an upset any day. For now Manchester United will be pleased to have gone through to the next step of Europe but much more needs to be put in the team really fast should they want to end up with silverware at the end of the season. The match might for now be on but what is left for us to see is where the march ends come May.

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  1. Manchester United is in some sort of mini crisis at the moment.And all this is because of the injuries they have suffered this season.I think it is the only team that has played a different set of players every game.Even the rampant Man City has not had any massive injury list and that is why they look so well set to win the league.The Man United defence has been hit the most and at some point Carrick played at Center back.De Gea has had to play with so many different pairs of defenders.The midfield has not been spared either and the recall of Scholes from retirement tells a lot how Fergie was so desperate.The beginning of the season looked good for Man United and they were brushing teams away very easily.They looked so good and Young was playing well.But injuries to Young,Cleverly,Anderson completely destabilized the good partnership that Fergie was trying to create especially in the midfield.Even Carrick was relegated to the bench remember.Since those guys were ruled out for long periods,the cookie crumbled.We all know how injuries affect the game of a player especially after a long lay off.They take long to hit back into gear.This season i see United not winning a trophy unless City messes up their grip on the League.The Europa League i doubt if it is Fergie’s priority.But will it be a crisis if they don’t win?I don’t know.

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