Ushuru FC must treat relegation as massive failure of contentment

When finally, Ushuru FC had to go down, it was in style. A disjointed bench, literally arguing over a substitution. A coach frustrated at his players rather than his own self and a look of dejection across all quarters- straight up to the largest tax office in the land.

KRA FC Coach Ken Kenyatta- (Image via

Ushuru FC Coach Ken Kenyatta- (Image via

Social media broke into ululation as the tax men finally bit the dust- posts and comments mainly directed at a Coach who in person, watched over his brood with an iron fist- similar to that of a colonial era chief.

For some he was the master coach, assistant, ball boy, water man, team manager, scout even further owner all rolled into one.

It’s a likening of a man who in success would be the master in chief at the celebration- but who in defeat, would stare down at his ‘subjects’ in absolute disgust. And that he did- “You play for a club that is the second best paying the league so what excuses will you have for being relegated? I don’t know how to face our fans out there and everyone else that put so much faith in us this season,” Kenyatta

If at the beginning of the season you were to have your money on one team that would go down at the tail end of the season (like you can do using the BETIN Kenya Promotion Code) – Sofapaka FC looked a much better tip as compared to Ushuru FC. Infact, when they met first, in the opening game of the season- Ushuru shipped three goals but those who watched the game, couldn’t predict what was to turn out.

As the season grew, Sofapaka’s problems plummeted for the worse, for ushuru- they somehow looked salvageable. Coupled by Sofapaka’s financial troubles and Ushuru’s better financial muscle, the mid season break offered mixed fortunes for both sides.         In all this, Ushuru didn’t seem to gain any advantage.

When results were bad, It was somehow the fault of the referee- several post match comments of Ken Kenyatta shaped towards this direction. While for Sofapaka- honestly, an inept coach plus a lack of morale, witnessed them lose week in, week out.

We can debate long into the night how Ushuru had several chances of survival but never took any- on the contrary Ushuru had several chances to go down in the past three seasons, but stayed afloat. That only means one thing- the buck had to stop somewhere.

With only 5 wins over a 30 match day season with the last win coming in July- the Ushuru FC management should have stepped in and helped rectify the situation. Sometimes the coach has to go for results to finally start coming- as the case of Sofapaka proves.

Football as in life, needs constant tweaking and re-tweaking. Ushuru FC, the coach and the management failed to realize this. For three years in top flight to end in a confusing state, clouded by indecisions and a feeling of resignation amongst the whole lot is an understatement of failure.

Something has to change

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