Until then, i can’t wait for Santiago Bernabou…..

Is it only me or is it that Mourinho’s hair is just soon all grey? A few years ago, this guy (Mourinho) paid a visit to a certain coast line in Africa after winning the Champions League. I was somewhere around so I decided to look for my hero, little did I know,  the press too had heard of him and in typical style, Mour pulled off another disappearance act. He was gone, gone with my dreams of ever seeing him but not for long, he was soon back on my T.V.
Yes on my T.V but not the same anymore right now. You still don’t know what I’m talking about? I know you don’t. It’s his hair…now you know? This Real Madrid job is really tough I too think. So you think sitting at the top of La Liga and still in contention for the Champions League is easy? Wait for a moment. Now it’s no longer Barcelona alone who are in Mourinho’s mind, but in the same breath, Bayern are now proving to be a force too.
Considering Mourinho beat an almost similar side when managing Inter a few seasons ago, I did feel the score line would be close but would favour Real Madrid. Funnily enough, even my Facebook status read the exact score line but just that it was the other way round.
But shock on me and all the Mourinho fans. Ahead of the trip to Camp Nou this weekend, this is the result every Madrid fan never wanted. Bayern are for sure not going to win the Bundesliga and this seems to be the only chance of major silverware left and taking into account that the final will be played at Allianz Arena, they would for sure want to face either Barcelona or Chelsea in May.
So where does this leave Mourinho? His side on the night in the first leg semi-final failed to come to the party and when Gomez played that final ball that beat Casillas, Mourinho sank his face to the ground. Madrid were visibly shaken and having so many yellow cards, actually double the Bayern yellow cards, missing a few players in the final should Madrid qualify is now a very viable option.
But credit to the referee, it was a pretty scrappy game at some time and even though each team felt some decisions went against them , it’s good to note, no decision affected the score line. Webb is a top class referee, he allowed play to flow for some time and even though he also talks too much, it’s good to note he booked Higuain for the same. So if (God forbid) Chelsea don’t make it to the final, it might be logical to bring him aboard for the final again.
The second leg should be a pretty interesting affair. Mourinho doesn’t like loosing at home and considering a draw of any margin would see Bayern through, Madrid have no option but to win. A 2-1 score line would send the tie to extra time so in case Bayern manage a goal, Mourinho’s men will have all the work of having to score three to qualify without an extra thirty minutes to play. So for Real Madrid, just don’t concede, score and minimize the fouls. For Madrid the work is even less easier, make sure you score, defend properly and don’t let it get into your head.
I can’t imagine Robben and Ribery watching from the stands at Allianz Arena in May, on the other hand, I just don’t want to imagine a final with Mourinho missing. Who doesn’t love his antics and theories, especially since the final is going to be against Barcelona; his eternal enemies or Chelsea; his former employers. Mmmmmhh juicy, but until then……………may the best team win
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