Supporting Arsenal can sometime be a frustrating experience. In just two matches, Arsenal have had 6 shots on target against them, conceded 6 goals and are scoring virtually none. Arsene sure is an amazing coach, what he has done with the squad he has, no other coach in the premier league probably can. Back to back Champions League football at the Emirates is what Arsenal fans love but again there is something they would love too, TROPHIES.
 With the lack of silverware bound to continue for the seventh year running, some clubs would have probably lost faith in this kind of manager and sacked him ages ago, but how the Arsenal board have handled this matter surprises me. Patrick Viera should probably be smiling every time he sees Arsenal play having been the last ever captain to lift a trophy over his head for Arsenal, knowing at City he’ll probably see more glory days than Arsenal will see in the coming years. 
Another day, another week, another opportunity for Arsenal to redeem themselves; just passed like wind before our eyes and you can’t help feeling sorry for the old man. He’s right back into the fire even after trying to cling onto the pan for some time now. 
Most of Wenger’s problems are self-inflicted, he repeats the same mistakes year in year out and he doesn’t seem to learn and is stubborn. You might by now be asking what next for Monsieur Wenger, yes, I only have one reply to that; it’s time, KENAKO, you may now leave the stage.  He’s a guy with lots of pride, why would he want to leave the stage with his head bowed in shame? I bet he should just go now just before he’s sacked, that way even if he joins MONACO again, he would probably one day come back for the unveiling of his stature outside Ashburton Grove and a standing ovation in his honour would be a worthwhile gift for a true servant of the club. 
For sure, this season is done and dusted, Arsenal are going home trophy less again, another year to wait and watch in pain and anguish as other teams are rewarded, Should Champions league football not be back in a while, we’ll have to be patient, maybe a change is what’s needed right now. RvP and other performing players have no reason to stay anymore and should he leave, I will not be sad but will wish them well and pray that Wenger follows them too.
 My mind is finally made up, I wanna see somebody in the league of Mourinho, O’neil, Pep take over that Arsenal dug out, that way, the vintage days might just be back and having the Arsenal crest might just be a source of pride again. 
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