Barcelona going through to the semi-finals for the 5th consecutive season for others is not surprising considering the form the Catalans have had in the Champions league especially when playing at home. They possess the game from start to finish and even though once in a while concede at home, they always seem to have the edge against their rivals in the name of a young Argentinean Lionel Messi.
So when Luca Antonini brought Messi down, the whole of Cataluña stood up and roared penalty!  Finally the deadlock would be broken. Credit to Messi, in explicit fashion buried the ball behind Abiatti to give Barcelona the lead they sure up to this moment deserved. Valdes for the keeper he is, could not help his team out and before long, AC Milan with a rare chance they got, levelled the scores and from that moment I felt it was game on AC Milan.
                                     Look here, did you see that, didn’t you see? Courtesy theoffisde.com
But woe unto me, all the Chelsea fans and all the AC Milan fans, a dubious penalty I must say, swayed the tie. Questions of UEFA Barca conspiracy got even stronger. Yes the rules say, a tug on an opponent’s shirt is a foul. And to further interpret it, a foul in the box is a penalty. So going by this rule, you and me, should probably expect how many penalties in a normal EPL, Bundesliga, Italian league match? Probably five to ten for the worse and then if all rules were to be interpreted to perfection then teams managed by Jose Mourinho, Tony Pulis, amongst others would have no chance in football right now.
Aiming to drive the point home, a look at Carlos Puyol as a player, he seems to employ the same tactic employed by Nesta yesterday match in, match out. So could getting caught be the only mistake Nesta made? Probably NO. Bosquets for one, never had any chance of impacting play had the corner kick just stood. Puyol on the other hand too, seemed to step in front of Nesta probably causing contact that would easily been a foul. Leaves me with only one option, the inconsistent refereeing by the Dutch man Bjorn Kuipers stole the tie from AC Milan. At 1-1, even the AC players felt, they surely still had a chance of probably adding one before Barcelona equalise and then the draw would be enough to see them through, something that was not to take place on the night. So for the third goal, just don’t ask me, capped off a terrible night for Nesta, gave Iniesta his second of the season in the Champions League and condemned AC to an eternal loss In Spain.
But why could it be that season in, season out, it’s only Barcelona that people seem to complain about. First it was Chelsea, then came Mourinho, then apparently Mourinho again and now AC Milan and tomorrow most likely, who knows, Chelsea gonna bow out (assuming they knock out Benfica) with a bitter taste in the mouth. A few red cards and who knows a ban on Drogba, Di Matteo or even the tough talking Terry would sum up another day in the office for the Catalonia side.
So as Messi and company celebrate, in a flight headed back to Milan is an inconsolable Zlatan Ibrahimovic,  having his head phones on, eyes wide open, staring into wide space, probably seeing nothing, fighting tears and holding onto his favourite novel, a cheeky thought creaps his head. Why not team with Mourinho, Drogba and Van Persie and probably write a book on the Barca UEFA conspiracy? But how will he face Persie and Jose, sure they are not the best of friends, but for this cause, maybe,,,,,just maybe.
“The game is not about the man in green. It’s a disgrace. I couldn’t believe he called a penalty when the ball wasn’t in play. It seems like UEFA want a certain two teams in the Champions League final. Now I understand how Mourinho feels every time he comes to Camp Nou”
- Zlatan Ibrahimovic 
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  1. First off, l wanna say you sound biased in this write up mate. This match was a two legged affair and Milan had the chance of doing the biz at the San Siro but couldn’t and didn’t. Worse still, folks have developed suddenly a bad case of selective amnesia for this first leg where Barca were wrongfully denied two good penalty calls (foul on Alexis by the goalie and Messi’s sandwiching in the area). How come there were no cries about UEFA conspiracies? To yesterday’s match,I wud enjoin u to watch the replays again and see the way Nesta held powerfully to Busquet’s shirt. If Busquet waznt a threat for the corner kick as you’v assumed, why bother holding him like a condemned prisoner? I don’t even wanna go into the Chelsea issue because like l said people choose to remember what suits their fancy and arguments. As for Zlatan, all l can say is sour rotten grapes. Barcelona have CONSISTENTLY proven over the last six years that they are about the best team in worl football right now and not even conspiracy theories would rob them of that toga!

    • And hey sir, did you watch the match on may 6th 2009, When Chelsea were denied 5 penalties in the first half alone, Abidal held on so tight to Drogba’s shirt, why wasnt a penalty given? Etoo and Pique both handled, why was it not given last season Persie sent off, why? and then you still wanna label them the best? really? UEFA and Barcelona have something they are not telling the world,,poor poor football again on the night.

  2. Zlatan Ibrahimovich is a cunt and sore loser. He said he is the best footballer in the world, and need no balon d’or to prove it. He fight with many of his teammates from club to club and bad mouth.
    And Author, you just like him, a cunt and a sore loser. Which club are you fan of ? Are your club had been taught how to play football by Barcelona before ?? Why you didn’t make a thread about why Alexis and Puyol did not awarded penalty when they CLEARLY FOULED inside the box on first leg against Milan ??

    You have some skills in writing, to bad you use it wrongly and full of biases..
    Be a real Champ or if you can’t dont be a sore loser at very least.. GG thank you..

  3. And hey sir, Abidal got a not deserved red card for not touching Anelka in that match, admittedly some calls were not given, but this write up is biased!!

    Facts# why is it that you did not write about last week’s match? The 2 legit penalties that were not given? Alexis even got a yellow for diving after Abiatti obstructed him, did Zlatan say anything afterwards??

    Facts# About Mou, opposing teams against Real Madrid in La-liga ve been sent off 10 times,happened 6 times when they were a 1 nil up. A total of 17 penalties has been awarded to Real Madrid, done 7 times when the other team were up by a lone goal, Rayo, Valencia and Betis all had penalties denied.

    Facts# Barca has been denied penalties this season, even Messi got a yellow for simulating when we all know Lionel NEVER dives.
    Last minute goal against Osasuna was cancelled, a blatant handball vs Espanyol was not given (PENALTY/RED CARD). Alves, Pique and Thiago in funny circumstances.

    And Mou dare talk about conspiracies? these things happen!! Did RVP say anything when Drenthe’s goal that was cancelled against Everton? And i so remember Adriano (inter) handle the ball into A.C Milan’s net in ’08 did Mou complain? of course not!!!

    Please always get your facts right before u write.

  4. Kamau, let me first of all let you know that l am a staunch supporter of Arsenal Football Club. Having said that , l would proceed to refresh your memory since you obviously are guilty of what l had spoken about in my earlier post: selective amnesia.
    1. Before that match on the 6th of May at Stamford Bridge, there was a previous match on the 28th of April at the Camp Nou. In that match, a certain Michael Ballack who was already on a yellow card,used his hands to slap across the face of Thierry Henry in the Chelsea penalty box. Two things should have happened: a yellow card and ultimately a red card issued to Balack and a penalty awarded to Barca. Guess what? Non of these happened!

    2. In the match you made mention of, its an exaggeration to say there were FIVE penalty calls against Barca. There were three penalty calls to be candid but these calls were rightly interpreted by the ref as ball-to-hand incidents. Besides, if the injustice at the Camp Nou had not be carried out, the complexion of the game in the return leg would have definitely changed.

    3. Last year, RVP whom l respect highly as the captain of my team stupidly got himself booked for a first yellow card by holding Iniesta’s throat with his bare hands. Moments later, he was ruled offside and rightly so. Unfortunately, he kicked the ball as soon as the whistle went, due largely out of frustration because Arsenal were losing at that point. He deservedly got booked again and had to take a long walk to an early shower. Was the ref to blame for his stupidity at picking up the initial unnecessary first booking? The answer you know l guess.

    4. Any one who questions Barca’s proven excellence in world club football in the last six years, must either be so blinded by sentiments or he needs help (no disrespect). To say that they and UEFA have somethng to tell the world is nothing short of a big laugh. Let me quickly remind you that in the second leg semi-finals of this same competition in 2010, against Inter at the Nou Camp, Barca needed one more goal to qualify for the finals, after going one goal up and with aggregate scores standing at 3-2. Yaya Toure had a through ball passed to him which he clinically tucked into the roof of the net. The goal was over-ruled for a foul while replays CLEARLY showed the ball struck his torso. Was UEFA asleep then?

    We can go on contorting all these conspiracy theories, but a club that has produced three world footballer of the year winner consecutively, won the UCL two times in three years as well as the world club cup twice in three attempts, the spanish laliga thrice in five years, the european supercup twice, produced the to three players in the world twice……………need l say more? That club obviously is nothing short of the BEST in the world!!! Correct me if l am right.

  5. Hoammmm.. a bunch of losers are talking here… let’s see what the UEFA “drama” again this season after so many people started to look down the UEFA justness!! If Barca really playing the best football without controversy, PROVEEEE IT!!! so the other teams who play against Barca also.. So, if you are the Barca fans or some kind of it, why you bother by other opinions if Barca really the best?

  6. ’tis so disgusting to watch such talented players willing to cheat to win.With this much talent they can dominate this game in the right way and be enjoyed by all football lovers,just like they were under Frank R.Levante was robbed tonight,this must come to an END right-away.And ZIDANE remains the best footballer ever!in the modern game.

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