Tribute from my Junior school days; Adios Pep Guardiola

The shocks of the happenings in Spanish football have kept me away from my computer for a while now. Seemingly, like you, I don’t understand what’s not going on and what’s going on. Pep Guardiola, that mentor, that genius who turned Barcelona into a powerhouse finally thinks it’s time. How many coaches in this world never know their time? How many think the club was made for them? How many who even after so many years winning nothing still think they can still have a go at the job? 
In this right, not so many, but much respect to the Pep. He changed the way everybody viewed Barcelona, he changed world football for eternity, he was responsible for so many breath-taking performances and were it not for those last few days that his ship rocked, then probably he would be headed for another CL title final.
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Just like in my junior school days, there are things everybody misses when change comes through. Like a day a favourite teacher is retiring, transferred, resigning or even further worse (God forbid) dead, all these are days the whole thing turns gloomy. Seemingly, even classes just don’t seem to go on. Watching him/her pack and walk around the school clearing his/her stuff drives most to tears.
So Barcelona just like any other institution seemingly is in the same situation like me when I was in junior school. For four years, Messi and Co have always looked to Guardiola for inspiration and success. He has been the pivotal point in this era of silverware and accolades. But now it’s time to go.
I don’t blame Messi for not appearing at the press conference. The boy has had a few torrid days and a break from the glare of the cameras is well deserved.  So just like me and my mates in junior school, they(those who made it for the press briefing) listened keenly, put a brave face and even though they tried to force a smile, they know it will take a while before the groove is back.
You must be tired of me and my mates in junior school by now but just for the last time, allow me say this
Our tears never helped, our teacher had to go. He wept back but the decision was made, he was resigning from his job. He had always wanted to be a church deacon. ‘’Maybe we would be seeing him every Sunday down the road at the Church’’ we thought.  But before then, he had to attend bible school. Now, that hurt us the most. Bible school was gonna take another 6 years and by the time he would come back, we surely shall have graduated and seeing him again was a pipe dream.
Pep seemingly copied my teacher. My teacher took 6 years but later graduated from bible school and is now the deacon I work under in my home church. I bet Pep’s 6 years won’t be that long, hopefully he makes a comeback, and this time might not be in school (Barcelona) but in a church (I’m not mentioning any club). Football is cruel for sure, just as my teacher was robbed from me, so is Pep robbed from the world of football. Barcelona has to go on, La Masia has to go on but most importantly, Barcelona has to move on.
I will not so miss you, because I know you’ll be back soon, but please be back sooner than I think. Next season might sound so near,,,, then,,, please make it 2013/2014. A good teacher you have been, a good deacon you should be.

Adios Pep

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  1. Well written! He created a team that knew humility, grace and overall had the passion to play football like it had never been played before. Within 4 years at helm, Pep achieved what many others couldn’t in a much longer time. As much as we will miss seeing him by the sidelines during a match, somewhere there is a faith and a belief that he will return and because we have the liberty to be selfish, more often than not, we’d also like to believe that the return will be to Barcelona!

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