Transparent like a Cup? No, just a struggle for relevance

Isn’t it amazing, 11 years after the Transparency Cup was last held, a re-launch is here.

Isn’t it also amazing that more than a decade later, the theme of the competition remains the same?

While in 2003 when it was formed by clubs that felt they wanted football to be run in a different way and rode on the hope that it would help ‘Kick corruption out of football’, the situation now is of more relevance seeking than kicking out corruption.

A paltry 10 years plus sits in between the years of the last Transparency Cup and this day; basically for a decade- kicking out corruption out of the sport took a back seat, didn’t it?

Or rather if we got it wrong, the decade gap we are talking about here must be the Kenya Premier League Company years. One amplified by praises of ‘football growth’, a lie represented by the same over the years but now seems to be hitting right back.

Kenya premier League as a company has one brilliant competition known as the Top 8, what should be basically a league cup. Since only the top 8 teams play in it- the absence of the other 8 might have prompted the need for a new cup without killing the Top 8 in its current nature.

In actual sense, 8 other teams in the league every season (this includes the two promoted ones) never have a league cup competition to participate in, which is a vacuum.

Today it’s surprising; a crisis has literally forced one to be formed (I’m not a spokesperson) as KPL seeks to keep clubs busy.

This begs the question, is the main issue ‘helping kick corruption out of football’ or keeping clubs busy or relevance?

Sounds more of PR than football is involved.

You can question, it is allowed- but the fact that you didn’t question in the past doesn’t make you a saint either.

FKF have at the same time not given the competition a go ahead, which in all honesty is playing within the parameters of the law.

However, away from a cup that is transparent, the sudden surge of cup competitions that had long died clearly depicts what sort of a footballing society we are.

The Super8 and the Transparency cup all have hidden agendas backing their revivals.

While the Super 8 aims at propelling Mr Hussein to the FKF presidents’ seat, the Transparency Cup aims at keeping KPL relevant, in the face of a stall. Differentiating such publicity stunts to political tournaments during electioneering campaign periods is really hard.

We can therefore go to bed knowing these are not competitions that will last the test of time, or rather, it’s safer to say- the cups have very limited lifespans.

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