When Wenger said he had something under his sleeve I thought, this man must be kidding. Tottenham were high flying until yesterday when they were brought back down to earth. Harry Redknapp watched in disbelief as 5 star Arsenal, cheekily fought their way back from two goals down to paint London Red once again. ‘Be aware of imposters, in London you are either red, or red’ are the words of the text message that greeted me after the thrilling encounter.
Finally Arsenal fans had something to scream about but the biggest cheer of the night goes out to my boy Theo. He woke up at the right time and just as I wrote in my blog yesterday, He would be key if Arsenal were to win. Assou Ekotto was nowhere and this gave Walcott the easy of chances to score two past Friedel. I really don’t applaud the Arsenal defence, Kols looked shaky but Bale diving to win a penalty is not warranted by any standards. I think it’s now getting out of hand, he did it aginst Real Madrid last season in the Champions League and he seems to be at it again.
Sagna, who got injured in the reverse encounter last year, opened the fight back for Arsenal before the big robin drew level. From then, it was free flowing for Arsenal who managed to see off another derby in London. Rosicky impressed on several occasions and was duly rewarded with his goal. Benayoun another star performer of the day left the field of play without a goal but his presence on the pitch was a beauty to watch.
You know up to this point, I seem not to know what to write next, I can’t deny I’m a big Arsenal fan but getting back to reality, Arsenal are not yet out of the woods. Next week they face a Liverpool side buoyed by their Carling cup win and the venue, ANFIELD, I hope they get a result there though it won’t be easy. 
How people miss penalties surely is something I’ve never been able to understand, might be because I’ve never played pro football myself, but you can’t just help feeling sorry for Cardiff. They fought the good fight, finished the race but lost the fight. As tears filled their eyes, sweat filled their jerseys and some utterly inconsolable I for once thought, maybe football is just another hopeless game for the lucky ones. So Caroll won a trophy with all that crap Liverpool have to put up with day in, day out, or,,,,maybe he scores a lot of goals in training till the manager just can’t leave him out. Enough of the hating, Liverpool are Carling Cup Champions, not in the way they would have wanted to win it, but anyway it counts. ….Signed YNWA.
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