Tottenham; Mind that gap

Did I hear somebody cough Tottenham here? Oh Yes. Apart from match reports, Rosy red cards, missed job opportunities amongst other not so football stuff, this should be the last, mark my words, the last I’m ever writing about positions in London. 
Van Der Vaart
Did I once hear the guy say Tottenham would finish above Arsenal? Yes, at that time Spursl were 7 points above Arsenal.
“With it being Arsenal it always hurts, but we are still third, seven points ahead so we are not worried. I’m still really confident we will finish in third.”
This thing called form seemingly gets into people’s heads so fast especially when the person who’s got class is suffering. But that’s why I called it class. Kolscielny just needed to show a little bit of it. Persie has shown it all season round and who’s to deny, Chelsea should win the Champions League even. 
Jermain Defoe
O.K., so how many times have you seen this guy on the pitch this season? How many times have you seen Jack? For Jack, it’s zero. For Defoe, it’s a handful, I don’t know but I’m quite sure even with Jack kicking no ball the whole season, the message is home.
Need I say more? The league table has all the stats for you? London is Red. Be aware of imposters in white, they claim to own the city but even the worst of the red, can’t be matched by the best of the white. 
But now let me stop hating on the persona’s. This is for pride, this is class, this is London. Who really rules London? OK, get me right, not London City, London football. 
Is it eeer,,, let me say the Rangers at Loftus. 
Or rather, let me be nice, could I say Wenger and his guns at the Grove? Probably I’m taking this too far. In direct English, yes, proper English, where do you lie Tottenham, where? 
I give up; nobody is giving me a reply. So now you are quiet? Are you quiet? Are you waiting for the Champions League final like you were playing in it? Or is it for any other reason? 
Aaargh, enough questions. I’m running outa Saliva. 
See you next season, but just before I go. I hear you are signing Vertonghen; good for you. Pod is here, Verm is here, Ox is here. Who do you have? Gareth Barcelona? 
Do the math, do the mathematics Harry. 
if form≠ class
and class  form
while Class  form
i give up, you are not even concentrating. 
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                                    Image by Head_Stone big gooner fan
Happy Summer!!!

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