Three things AFC Leopards must get right starting now

AFC Leopards for the second week in a row seem to make beautiful headlines on the turf even in the face of a SAGA that has elicited mixed reactions across the footballing arena- of course for various reasons which i will not dwell on today.
One thing though that every football loving man/woman would beg to appreciate is the fact that the football far outruns the off-field matters and that suddenly the first rays of the beautiful sun of success is starting to shine on this side.
While Salim Ali and Co licked their wounds and rued another poor outing punctuated by some physical but not productive style of play- Luc might just suddenly love the pressure that comes with the beautiful Kenyan game. Eyeing a good run of form would be an idea popping in his head but with lot’s coming up in the next few weeks- a clear strategy needs to be developed by the club to help the crop of players be focused on the task at hand.
Keeping Luc’
As pointed out in this blog last week; a poor start, poor disorganization and a spineless start to the league might eventually cost AFC Leopards the title for another year but the fact that the EC appointed Luc’ before the ship actually sank deeper might just be beginning to reap benefits.
Suddenly AFC Leopards seem to be playing a much better brand of football- the confidence levels aren’t at the top yet, but you can see the passing, the tackles, the anticipation and off the ball movement a little intelligent and with much more intent than in previous matches.
Luc’ as the Captain of the ship is tasked with instilling a style of play, a brand of football INGWE need to be associated with and the necessary brains that can churn out a win in every situation. The glare of the cameras and media might not be on him so much yet- but with what he seems to be doing at AFC Leopards- with a little more patience; which I pray he is granted, something good can come out of the side.
The issue of goal scorers, goal machines or whatever you would call it suddenly springs to thought.
A beautiful brand of football that doesn’t churn out results is never the aim of any team. As age seems to settle in on a few dependable strikers INGWE had in the previous few seasons- a whole new breed of superstars that can find the back of the net dependably needs to be brought to the den.
Luckily for them- it’s only a few matches to the mid-season transfer and with most teams wanting to hold on to their best assets; the money play and game of musical chairs will either work for or against them.
Either way- I know Luc’ has been able to watch a few matches- met club scouts if any exists and made his demands for the mid-season transfer known. Sadly for him just like any other coach- this might be the break or the end he badly needs. Each decision has a consequence and faster it’s made- the better.
A few other departments like the defense and a little re-enforcement needs to be looked at but for the moment- what all those fans need are goals, goals and more goals.
Drawing the Line
At AFC Leopards sadly- the game is just not played on the green surface at the stadium. The most dangerous fouls, dramatic send offs and even near-death incidences take place in a board-room. 
It’s further sad to note that the same guys who cause this entire mayhem claim in unison to love the club- but differ in shame to claim each is the rightful body/person/chairman to lead this amazing club. 
 Shamelessly it further spills to the playing unit and this is the greatest thing that shouldn’t happen ever again to this group of premier league stars.  Each player donning that jersey needs to understand- they are employed by the club, have the sponsors logo on their jersey’s and must do everything on the pitch of play to protect its pride.
A player who politics is actually not a footballer- he is an agent of an administrator who doesn’t need to play to earn his money but only needs to convince a few number of people to have a tick beside his name/image and eventually come into office organise for the player who played the agent to leave the club on the excuse that he no longer delivers which by then- will be a glaring truth.
So while we all hold our breaths and wait for the rays to all shine out on AFC Leopards let’s not forget- the team is on the brink of a cliff. At the brink, it’s either you fall, stagnate or aim for the top of the mountain. The Ice stones are never kind at times but the greatest pride and motivating factor for every of those players and technical bench members should be- at the top of the mountain, where you finally pitch your flag lies the ultimate prize, glory and honour of being termed the best.
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