Three myths that could cloud your judgment on the #FKFvsKPL saga

Kenyan Football is living in exciting times, from being viewed as a country with a ‘stable’ league, a few torrid months has turned the situation all around. But that’s just the first myth that leads to a complex of three others this blog is about to discuss.

In every war like they say, the first casualty is the truth- any other statement that follows just acts up as the support cast of the lies and that’s what, ladies and gentlemen, we are being treated to.

We shall now explore the myths, shall we?

Players will suffer with a continued standoff

Enter Kenya’s top flight league, The Premier League; high attendances, highly paid footballers, several sponsors wetting their pants over sponsoring clubs and several players getting scouted by huge African and European clubs on a constant basis as it’s a talent basket. NO, haha! I’m kidding all of you. is now lying to its readers.

That is the perception anyway. The top flight league in Kenya is increasingly depicted as the near perfect model; the one to follow- but that’s partly because there really was nothing to make reference to for starts.

It even gets more interesting when the actual figures of players’ salaries are released in relation to that of leagues not so far away from Kenya. The number of players this country exports to the footballing market beyond the borders from this league is appalling to say the least, but credit has to go to the League body- at least there is something.

So where then do stories of unpaid salaries spring from? I guess once in a while the finance guy at your office too gets some stick when your salary delays by a day, two days or over a whole weekend. But that’s not the case when referring to these players- the reality is, the majority still suffers, whether documented or not.

It’s always the idea that the league body as its structured currently- has players’ welfare in mind. Not much is thought about the federation in this regard and that’s rightfully so. But do we all come to the realization that at one time, a footballing generation has to make the sacrifices for change and the complete exploitation of football talents to ever come to fruition?

It’s a shame, several generations have had that chance, but never taken it- instead transferred it to the next generations to take the York on their behalf. End result- the future, still might never be bright as we may wish.

KPL is the lesser devil

In a case of ‘lesser’ a much higher reference must be mentioned. Turn away FKF troops; this is your body being viewed as the greatest demon, straight from Lucifer’s pit into a football office somewhere across the Nyayo Stadium swimming pool.

If you all remember, 4 years ago when FKF was sworn into office and around the same time or earlier, local football malnourished fans getting back onto pitches across the country- the pride exhibited by KPL officials at what they termed ‘success’ has long turned into stagnation. Is KPL now suffering from the bystander effect, rather than gain from it?

The fact that KPL is already labelled a devil means its ability to graduate into even worse levels is existent even though in its current state suppressed- that’s the honest truth.

The same window of distrust FKF exploited to plunge lower tier leagues, the national team and its administrative duties has slowly found its way into KPL. The end result has now therefore been- an excuse to cleanse KPL and parachute it to the status of football holiness while the reverse seems to be the reality.

Let’s not get drawn into the controversies that have dogged KPL from simple un-played and played games, promotions, skewed player awards riddled with corruption, but let’s look at its ability to clear itself of such discrepancies- very minimal.

The Sports Cabinet Secretary can act jury.

I haven’t looked at the government index on how cabinet secretaries have performed since this government came to power. But even without such parameters- the sports cabinet secretary shall rank closer to the bottom than halfway to the top.

It’s really exciting that the tough words by Sports Cabinet Secretary only come to play when trouble and exchange of words escalate. In fact, regarding football- it’s a pity this office has been reduced to key speech making in sponsors events.

I find it exciting that we even got here in the first place especially now that the sports act is in place.

The clear bias exhibited by the CS in his support of KPL in all neutrality deprives FKF of any level headed argument they would table (I know that sounds unreal especially from FKF). Some argue the knowledge (or lack of) by the CS on matters conflict management in sport (citing previous federation arguments) doesn’t make him the best jury- I detest and support in equal measure. The sports ministry, I assume, has proper support mechanism to advise the CS on what to do, begging the question, has he sought it? In addition, does the ministry of sport as a representative of the government draw any respect from football bodies?

No matter how any of you views them, myths hold a little truth in them- yes the truth that currently suffers at the hands of two football bodies. In any case football is a game of clashing opinions. While we enjoy the comfort of opinion a window for discomfort of thought should be highly welcome.

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