It’s Champions League football again ,
The fans are always looking forward to the next game,
You might think they never have a thing to gain,
But sorry, the final with their team is their main aim. 
Smiles and Tears come in plenty,
But as a fan, im always merry,
Until my team is finally weary,
And the tale suddenly is not fairy.
I don’t want to talk about this season,
Making people happy has always been my reason,
I’m actually not reading this from a citation,
What frightens me is my teams position.
For every player, the road to Allianz is never easy,
Not like at the shores where it’s breezy,
Here there is no room for being lazy,
Coz that’s when for your team it’s gets cagy.
The Europa Community, CL increases your valuation,
Try and pray you do not miss the next edition,
Again you know, it increases your valuation,
But until then, have a vision and show the Passion.

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