The Nairobi Derby might not happen this way, what if it did?

Relish the scene: Zdravko Logarusic getting off the bus and straight into the opposing’s team dressing room. He doesn’t realise he’s in the wrong room not until he fails to notice Wanyonyi and a pack of laughter filled green and white crop of athletes overlooked by a not so amused white man almost asking for the stewards help.

Central to the confusion is that the media’s been alerted of the state of Zdravko, the camera men and women arrive just in time for the greatest Nairobi Pre-Match image. One that is laced with embarrassment and doesn’t last for long- a quick dash to the right dressing room takes at most 30 seconds.

As he tries to downplay whatever might have happened hoping his team doesn’t realise it- the captain leads out the team for the pre-match warm up.

He won’t be leading it this time round: it’s his sixth Nairobi Derby, but today. Nairobi is divided straight down the middle- it doesn’t matter- he no longer raises his hands in delight at the sight of a Gor Mahia jersey 8 scoring- but hopes a lanky blue and white stripped player flicks on a corner for a first.

Distant memories abound: a few familiar faces check up on him as the players return from the warm up. The air is literally hot, his voice seems to be disappearing. Drowned in the cloud of vuvuzela’s right above him- his assistant arrives having had to do media duties on his behalf.

‘None of his conversations’ with the first XI is going anywhere. He is forced to make a change noticing the physio is trying really hard to get a central defender to get off aa seat. It’s a torn muscle: he tears into his tactics book and looks beyond the walls, he wishes the back up was any better.

As the teams walk onto the pitch- he stays far behind and walks onto the pitch drowned by equal measures of love and hate peeling off the stands.

He can’t wait for his opposite number to walk to his side and shake his hands. Loga doesn’t do pleasantries anyway- it’s not a meet and greet tour.

He settles down in his seat; it’s plastic and hard. It’s wet too- it doesn’t matter now anyway. He mumbles the words of the famous green and army anthem in a broken form. He notices the assistant over his shoulder and stops….

It’s the Nairobi Derby anything goes.
It’s surely never going to go this way- but if it does, it won’t follow this script either.
Good Morning and Cheers!
Enjoy the Derby!


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  1. if it did KOT fingers will itch because if typing.all media houses will have it as question of the day.
    nice read i cant believe i have been missing all this.

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