You’re still tied to me even after all those days.
This videoof Materrazi crying like a baby as Mourinho leaves Inter Milan would sure make any human being shed a tear or two. He had just led inter to a treble and decided to leave to go and coach Spanish giants Real Madrid. Why on earth would someone so successful at a club leave when he’s just at his peak? But that’s the Jose Mourinho you and me have come to know, love and hate. He’s a man who loves challenges and his ambitious nature is admirable by all those who love the game. 
So the other day as I watched Inter Milan crash out of the Champions league, just almost two years after Jose left, one half of me for the first time fumed at Mourinho for having left while the other felt so sorry for Inter and wished Marseille all the best. Another ex-Mourinho side Chelsea survived a scare to knock out Italian side Napoli and reach the last eight, but had to wait till the extra time to do so. While he, Mourinho, convincingly guided Real Madrid to another Champions league last eight place, his former sides seem to struggle as they look to return to glory days they so much experienced under him. 
But why do teams he has previously managed struggle? Most of us, including myself probably don’t seem to have a proper explanation to this. He creates a winning mentality in the team, a certain type of way he wants football played and a formula he seems to be the only one who understands. The coaches who come after him really have a lot of pressure on them having to be compared to Mourinho. From Grant to the recently appointed Di Matteo, all the coaches who have taken over from where he once was have not tasted success the way he did. Could it be probably the pressure the coaches handle or could it be the players who just don’t want to cooperate and embrace change? Most probably Yes, most probably No.
It has surely even reached a moment where a coach would fear taking over Chelsea, Porto or even Inter for the fear of being compared with the ‘Special One’. Chelsea and Inter are currently going through their worst patches of performance in recent time, swapping coaches seems to be their hobby and the fans cry and sing Mourinho every time they don’t seem to be getting results coming their way. The Mourinho hangover is that serious, rebuilding after he leaves is that hard and even though teams seem to try daily, even moving on is still a mystery. 
Unpredictable as he is, where he will go next from Real is anyone’s guess to make. He has recently hinted at moving back to England and even further was allegedly reported shopping for a house but with the ‘Special One’, you are never sure, might just be another prank on the media, one he enjoys everywhere he goes. As for Real Madrid, enjoy the sun when you have it, you never know what you have until you loose it. For Inter and Chelsea, life has to move on, (I know it’s hard) but one day you’ll have to get over Mourinho. 
Why not now? After all, does getting back with your ex really work?
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