The fail of the Match day ticketing system in the KPL

In under 1 month since schools closed, i’ve been trying to introduce my 14 year old nephew to the Kenya Premier League. He says, his desk mate in school speaks about it so often. Before this, he hadn’t experienced what one was like, so we decided to check a few fixtures out.

Last week, we were at KRA vs Gor Mahia’s game at Nyayo Stadium. You can be sure his eyes opened up when he saw all those Gor Mahia fans, holding pieces of loaves in their hands with green & white jersey’s to boot.

It’s a sight for even us who are used to match day experiences in the KPL. Around more than half are always boring and dull, but a few- yes, are really exciting.

I think everything went on pretty well, not until the time we purchased our match day tickets.

Something on the ticket had caught his eye and that was the date that was inscribed on it. He had perhaps heard about ‘fake tickets’ and what they really got someone into (from whichever place.)


First, it looked confusing and stupid trying to explain to a 14 year old young man why the ticket had the date (14/06/2014) when it was clear it was (26/04/2015).

I’m glad I did- but it was embarrassing. Even more embarrassing was the fact that he couldn’t believe the security at the gates didn’t even seem to care.

It reminded me of a few other times I haven’t seen it to be weird to use ‘wrong’ match day tickets as clubs allowed them.

Allow me take you forward to (yesterday), it wasn’t even shocking- it was outright embarrassing. You must have seen the image I posted doing rounds on social media, but can you beleive it? Sofapaka used a 2011 ticket for their home fixture vs KCB and yes, every fan had to purchase that to gain access into Machakos stadium.


Why would a club like Sofapaka not afford just decent match day tickets- it doesn’t even have to be sophisticated, it just has to meet the basic minimum of dates, teams and simplicity- with the later being relative.

Several other clubs use ‘expired’ match day tickets and the outcry has been very minimal. As a country, we have hit an all time low: to the point, not normal has become normal.

That’s the ticketing story of the KPL, it’s not pleasing, but- it has to be told. Don’t be shocked when they award you a 2010 ticket inscribed Ksh 300 yet you pay Ksh 100 for it. Hallo!!!!!


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