Up to this moment I know my blogs fans were so disappointed in me for not writing anything yesterday, April 1ST, for the fear of either of you thinking it was a prank i decided to stay away from my keyboard and  concentrate on T.V. The biggest event in world wrestling was going down. Even though it was an utter disappointing one at the end; my football spirits though were still lifted. A juicy week lined up ahead in the world of football but in that case not necessarily for everybody. Football always has that worthwhile moment you look up to every match day and the not so worthwhile ones in equal measure.
If it’s not a beach ball, then it’s that time somebody is thinking another player’s head is a beach ball. So Pepe Reina should have probably represented Madrid at WRESTLEMANIA XXVIII and not been in between the sticks in that match against Newcastle for Liverpool FC. So as he misses the next three matches, I guess King Kenny for the Kop he is needs now to introduce another keeper to the system. I for real, has virtually watched the best and the worst of Reina for long. I don’t think this guy is improving any soon and should the stand in keeper prove himself, I think then it would be time for the Spaniard to walk alone.
But credit to James Perch. The way he dispatched himself to the ground would make Dani Alves drool in envy. Envy or no Envy, the Toon boss apparently went ahead to label Ben Arfa as being in the same class as one Argentinan Messi. Let’s face it, this is too exaggerated. Ben Arfa was good on the day, we can’t deny, but watching Messi gives all of us those goose bumps we rarely feel for football when any other player is playing. Don’t blame him, I really doubt if he’s ever seen Messi play, maybe he too like me, just watches him on TV and sneer when he scores.
But it’s not only Allan Pardew who sneers when a goal is scored, every Arsenal fan for sure just did that when Adebayor scored. Virtually everything seems to be going wrong once again for Arsene and his troops. His over reliance on poor Ramsey finally cost him a match and his ‘know it all’ attitude, made sure he left the OX on the bench but credit to Walcott, he now scores when it’s needed. Persie for sure ha d a frustrating afternoon but for my moment of the day, I finally think Taaabt is finally warming up to the idea of joining the gunners at the end of the season. Did you see him in that Jersey every Arsenal fan badly wants to see him in?
Seeing is believing they say, but trust me, Manchester City saw it for long till they stopped believing. Sunderland is virtually the only side Manchester city have not taken three points from this season. Earlier at the stadium of Light they lost it at the death, this time round they almost did but O’Neill’s side held on for a memorable point.
So the title should be safely in Manchester United in a few weeks from now. At this rate even predicting a win for Arsenal at Emirates against a poorly performing City is tempting. Tottenham might have to work extra hard to beat an ever resurgent Sunderland and oh my world before I forget, Torres finally did get a goal. Maybe Petrov should have stayed in hospital just as Muamba did, then maybe, just maybe, Mc Leish’s job would have been safe. For Manchester United, the work is out rightly cut out for them. Whoever drafts the end of season fixtures for sure seems to always have Manchester United in his mind. Yeees, Vieira just nodded right there. He knows a penalty might be on the cards tonight, but what goes around comes around. The French man just got hit hard on the face. Super Mario dispatched a penalty at home and the favouritism continues, right?
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  1. Kwakwakwakwa! What a week. But how come you didnt pick up the incident involving Super Mario and Kolarov on the one hand as well as Carroll’s amazing miss and a more amazing dive at Sports Direct? I also think to make your page a total footy package, you should cover the other top leagues in Europe.

  2. Super Mario is just a big joker, i think he loves reading himself on people blogs and in the newspapers that’s why he’s not here. Caroll maybe could have gotten a line like Torres did. I will start covering all leagues when i get other writers to help along

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