I really don’t know whether I’m doing a Messi tribute here, or trying to write an auto biography for him, but one thing I know, as the best player in the world currently, what im writing here might just be far too little to express this lad’s magic. Here we go…
                                            Absolutely the best!
You and I probably never saw Cesar Rodriguez in our lifetimes but you and I sure have seen Messi’s magic not once, not twice but severally and regarding he’s only 24, the lad is still headed for greater things ahead. When he first stepped into that pitch in 2005, maybe only did he send a message to the world but he did sure start his long and tedious journey to success.
How he has managed to keep fit and humble is a wonder. In this current age and time where money and fame get’s into footballer’s heads, He (Messi) has managed to continue his playing career without any distraction. He’s a model to millions and millions around the world and for all those who love football, you sure got to love this guy’s style of play.
Over the years he has been criticized for not coming to the party for the national team. Some Argentines even went further blaming him for the Country’s inability to winning any silverware yet he leads Barcelona to insignificant success year in year out. For once I thought they were right but with time I thought probably Argentina are just expecting too much from him. He can’t play in all positions and with the right blend of players, the ones he gets at Barca, he sure will prove his critics wrong. His recent Hatrick against Switzerland was just a start; I’m convinced beyond any doubt that sooner rather than later, Argentina too will start singing Messi.
So for now, as long as he continues scoring goals and stays away from injuries, he’ll probably be a great player for a long time. Hats off for the king of football, a bow for the messiah football waited for for far too long and a clap for the indisputable, ever surprising ‘PlayStation’ Messi.  May your world shine brighter and may each day bring with it success beyond human recognition, beyond all understanding and may God forever protect you, because you are awesome and the best ever.
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    • CR7 is equally good, leads me to another debate, btw CR7 and Messi who’s better, .. But i hope Argentina sings Messi soon,,,let them sort out their mess in the midfield and at the back and soon Mesi will be scoring for them too

  1. John , incredible record for messi , but will he match Rivaldo , Figo , Ronaldinho and eto to name few that have play in barcaelona . messi is no entertainer when it comes to the game , all he knows is scoring scoring , let him work with the ball and entertain us . thats my view . have read his biography and i respect him but am a fan of Christaino Ronaldo .

    • Buba, but lets give credit where its due, in football the main aim is to score, im a big ronaldo fan too,but when it comes to genius, scoring and scoring when they matter most, Messi beats him right there…..He rarely entertains, coz he doesnt know that, he uses what he has and knows best to effectively win admirers

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