Tevez: What Manchester City missed all that while

So apparently if Super Mario thought anyone was missing him, then he better keep quiet and think for a moment. There’s one guy who was missing all that while he was banging the goals for city, it’s this man, this Argentinean, Carlos Tevez.  
Manchester City seem to be right back to business and even though they trailed Manchester United by five points going into this match, they’ve for sure given Ferguson food for thought heading into his side’s tie against a struggling Villa side. The cheers of the day go to Manchester City but even louder cheers should be reserved for Carlos Tevez.

                                           and they missed you too Carlos courtesy the guardian

Four goals in just one week and he looks like he’s not stopping any soon should be a wake up call for Roberto Mancini. Hoping that Manchester united drops a point or two and City win the derby match, Mancini for sure has to bank on Tevez to get him the title. Just as he did last year when he was captain, leading City to the F.A Cup final and winning it, he for sure would love doing it again this time round at the expense of his former employers.
Balotelli seems to be picking cards left right and center, has got a poor attitude and even though his work rate and goal scoring attributes are commendable, the young man got to warm the bench for a moment thanks to the master of the game. Mancini on one side can look back and say he helped discipline Tevez but on the other hand, he should be cursing those matches he lost while Tevez was away. This man can turn games single handedly and even go on to win them alone just like he did severally last season for the Citizens.
With all due respect I hope Mancini has learnt his lesson. Should he go on to win the title, I bet it would be because of Mr. Tevez. Not forgetting the other players who too have helped Manchester City to great heights this season, Tevez will for sure hold a special place in several City hearts come the last day of the season. For now, City and Mancini got to press on even harder, Tevez just needs to keep his shape and focus and for every football fan who loves the game, loves Tevez and loves his magic, join me in chorusing a few words to Mancini,,,,,, This is what you missed all that while
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