Had to let my emotions cool for a moment, recollect myself and come to face the bitter truth that London was the biggest loosers on Super Sunday. Should you not have a prior idea of what London is and what the winners Manchester is then probably you don’t watch football or you just don’t want to know or for the worse you might be pretending. Tottenham and Arsenal seem to have one thing in common, eeeer contenders, did I say contenders? Oh! No! Sorry, pretenders it is. The other pride of London; Chelsea, seem to have problems of their own to deal with for the moment.
Man City vs Tottenham
A rather dull first half, Mancini’s men seemed not to have the killer touch and lacked creativity and lost ideas when they got into the area. The second half is where all the fun laid, a few talking points, crunchy tackles and delicious goals set the pace for an entertaining end to a not so promising match. You probably get this feeling that when Nasri and Lescott made it two nil; it was probably game over for Spurs. A whirlwind 10 minutes in the half, shocked Eastlands to its inner core. First it was Defoe, rounding the keeper and placing the ball neatly into an empty net before the Welsh Bale,picked a pass behind the 18 yard area firing high onto Hart’s left bringing back the game to life.
 Silva seemed to struggle with an injury but held on to see Super Mario come off the bench to net the winner, a penalty he won and subsequently took.  For a man who makes headlines every weekend, this was no exception. Social media sites from twitter to facebook to MySpace within a few minutes of him stepping on Parkers head filled with all sorts of insults describing the incident. You are left to wonder what the F.A will do but surely Spurs will feel offended that he wasn’t punished and just when they were now turning on the screw, they conceded a penalty, not to anybody, but the villain Italian. 3 points for Man City and another week to sit pretty at the top for Mancini’s Kompanyless men.
Arsenal Vs Man U
Same old story just a different script. Script writers Valencia, Van Persie and Welbeck. Started brightly for Arsenal but as the first half wore, the visitors seemed to settle in the game and control proceedings even far away from home. Valencia’s runs as expected were dangerous and Djourou had a long day in the office facing Luis Nani. An early injury to Phil Jones as he back pedaled against an oncoming Walcott seemed to have derailed Manchester but they however soon got their grove back. Arsenal keeper Scezney was at no fault for Valencia’s goal and maybe center back Vermelen is to blame. He should have held off Valencia and should have kept the score line safe at half time, but as the story goes, Manchester smiled all the way to the dugout. 
‘What do you think Wenger tells his players during half time?’ that’s the question that greets me as the second half gets underway, I feel like slapping my friend’s mouth but his questions continue as though I joined the players at the dressing room during half time. The restart whistle interrupts us and its only 45 minutes for either Arsenal to mount a comeback or for Trafford to bury it. Arsenal are the fast to get off the pedal but Ramsey is soon booked, putting further to doubt his commitment and industry at the middle of the pack. Song’ looks so outstanding but lunges onto Rooney severally what later gets him booked. Arsenal finally get the breakthrough when an Oxclade run disorganizes the Red Devil’s defense and take nothing away from Lindergaard, A sleek finish from the ever present Van Persie equalizes in style. The celebration itself, is something I’m yet to understand but he seems to be passing a message of Happy Birthday to somebody. Away from the birthdays and celebrations, Wenger makes an almighty mistake bringing in Arshavin for the impressive Oxclade. Boos around Emirates get louder and louder with each Russian touch. A mistake from Arshavin trying to do defensive duties gifts Welbeck a glorious chance and out of the blues, Schezney is nowhere to be seen, Welbeck smashes the ball straight into the net and the celebration, Top Class!. Wenger buries his face in his head; he knows he’s lost it once again. Ferguson rises in delight! The other subs, not so influential but hold on to a memorable Man U victory. Not wanting to add insult to any injury if any, when i grow up I 1 – 2 be Manchester.
Lessons to learn
 1.Kompany is a great defender and needs to be back soon and without Yaya, City are so helpless.
2. Ballotelli should grow up, get some manners and maybe get spiritual guidance.
 3.Nasri is so inconcistent but on this day showed glimpses of his brilliance.
 4.Ramsey needs to spend more time on the bench than on the pitch.
 5.Wenger needs to sign more steel especially at left back and right back
 6.Ferguson needs a serious backline to win the EPL, Might not be 2nd time lucky.
  1. All i can say is Manchester is a good team but winning Arsenal should not be a big deal coz i personally think Arsenal is not a team to be proud of when you win it lol

  2. improving big time bra…you welcome one thing i think they should get rid of Arsen Wenger first… that guy had his days n i think those days are now over for him

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