Stop kiddin; football needs goal line technology now!!!

In my fictious world, team Earth  wanting to beleive they are superior would challenge Team Mars to a football match. Since the neutral ground is the moon and the referee probably an alien from somewhere far i don’t know. The tie is seemingly headed for extra time until out of the blues, a team Mars shot, bounces off the under of the post, knocks the line and is cleared away. Amidst all the confusion, team Mars is awarded a goal and the whole Earth is left aggreived. The aftermath? please, you don’t want to know. What am i saying?……..
Re-igniting the debate as to whether the Caroll goal crossed the line or not is of no use now. T.V replays seemingly showing the whole ball never crossed the line, but on the backdrop of such an important final, the calls for goal line Technology have just gotten even louder. 
In 2005, when Luis Garcia knocked out Jose Mourinho’s side, we could all argue the time was still too early to introduce goal line technology to the game. The ‘ghost goal’ as the ‘Special One’ came to call it still hurts him to date but with him now out of the Stamford dug out, I can’t wait to get his sentiments on this when he finally speaks out.
Unfortunately, the F.A Cupf inal was another reminder of why we need goal line technology. Chelsea enjoyed a huge mistake in the Semi Final against Tottenham. They probably enjoyed one again late in the match, as Andy Carroll’s header was saved but Cech, but probably did cross the line and should have been called a goal. But it was too close to call. Even the cameras couldn’t give you a guarantee of the ruling.
The referee and the linesman aren’t to blame. It’s a gut feeling when it happen that fast, when it’s that close. Liverpool has the right to feel a bit aggrieved, but its FIFA and all those in charge who should feel ashamed. I’m pretty sure, unlike what the genius Michel Platini loves to say; there will be no joy in arguing about another Wembley ‘ghost goal.’

The faster the better, Munich is few days away, (God forbid) what if something like this happens in the CL final?

Congratulations Chelsea,,,,,,, Liverpool; Hard luck guys.

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