Sony Sugar; Post Baraza reign, why it might have never clicked

One week, two huge managerial changes, one in- the other out, two clubs, what is happening to Kenyan Football? It’s the norm one may say, but it shouldn’t be so. While for Gor Mahia its understandable Zdravko Logarusic had to leave for the obvious reasons, it’s a shame at Sony Sugar FC Mr Sammy ‘Pamzo’ Omollo had to step out of the way.
It’s no fallacy during the last decade; Sony Sugar enjoyed one of their most successive spells in top flight football. Winning the league was wow, maintaining the momentum for two three years was admirable. Today Sony Sugar FC must be a club (with all due respect) best described as struggling to scrap off points!
Being the first team from the Nyanza region in 2006 to win the Kenya Premier League, it might have not been shocking as Nyanza seems to be the bed rock of Kenyan football talent but a much bigger shock lied in the details.
Orphaned by the departure of Coach Otieno Bassanga , Baraza Francis a player Sony Sugar signed in the 2003 season stepped up to the challenge and 1 and half years later the title was at Awendo.
The title might have never made it’s way back to Awendo since then, lot’s of credit must go to Francis Baraza who stuck as the captain of the ship even when in 2009 it looked like it was crumbling after the departure of nearly the whole first XI. While Baraza must be credited with so much, it must be noted the system allowed him to construct a base that saw his side finish runners up twice in two years. At least one would say- they were close to the brink than off it.
In 2011 though Sony Sugar parted ways with Sony Sugar and even though they still played TOP 8 football- It must be said the ship had started sinking.
2012 brought with it a new ‘hope’, Zedekiah Zico Otieno fresh from a sting with Gor Mahia FC and the National team Harambee Stars took over the reigns at Awendo. I was shocked but at the same time, the feeling that ‘Zio’ might just need a spell of little pressure to explode to the scene again sent a wave of hope across the league.
I might have jumped most of the detail in between 2005-2011 as I seek to address the post Baraza era and the errors that might have accompanied it.
The league has gotten more competitive over time and it’s time clubs went for the kill but with lot’s of caution something I feel Sony Sugar hasn’t addressed properly. Short term targets must be compounded by long term planning that eventually seek to deliver a certain objective.
I can’t question the ambition levels of Sony Sugar FC but in as much as they want to show the whole league how ambitious they are, do they badly need it? Do they badly want to do it?
Zico might have come so close to the title while at Gor Mahia or even had experience managing the National team but Sony Sugar was always going to be a different ball game. Promising heaven and earth when he arrived- it’s no surprise after a very good start Sony Sugar suddenly faded to the rear end of the table.
Reports of players revolting against Zico, Zico himself having a few issues with some players and even incidences when Zico was spotted in the capital during the week when actually he should have been with the squad training in Awendo. The question is, was Zico’s heart at the club (he went AWOL towards the close of the end of his tenure), was he committed to achieving something at Sony and did he promise too much yet he couldn’t deliver in such a short span?
With TOP 8 football gone, no coach, a new man in the name of Sammy Omollo stepped up to the challenge. I’m not sure how many people foresaw Sammy Omollo’s departure even before his actual unveiling. Personally it looked like a desperate move more than it looked like a career revival expedition.
Again the same questions arose when the appointment was made- this is a coach who has won the KPL with Tusker, in one season he’s been fired and just been relegated with Oserian FC- is he in the right frame of mind to take Sony Sugar FC to the next level?
The next few days might mark a new beginning to the Top Flight status of Sony Sugar FC- They are set to unveil a new coach but one thing will left to be seen, does this new man have the right mentality and attitude to take Sony Sugar FC to the next level?
I bet Sony Sugar can rake a few shillings and get in a few decent signings; the financial situation isn’t that bad if you plan wisely. Secondly Sony Sugar have a second string side which they can groom over time to help churn out results and reduce player buying expenditure- but now(the short term) to save a sinking ship, the right mentality is needed. 
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