Something beautiful is in the offing, support should be standby for Logarusic when it comes

There’s the story of two AFC Leopards sides, well- the one that turned up at City Stadium yesterday to face City Stars was the genuine one. To add on to it: the coach was Zdravko Logarusic, I don’t think he would want to be part of it- a parody.

Zdravko Logarusic (Image  courtesy Standard Digital)

Zdravko Logarusic (Image courtesy Standard Digital)

Away from the shenanigans off the pitch and onto something the few who braved the scorching Jogoo Road sun would attest to was that this AFC Leopards is trying to shake off itself in the hope of something better.

When Logarusic first came to Kenya, he was little known, today, he’s not here to prove a point- he’ll be trying to get a footing he’s seemingly lost, if you care to know- his time at Simba SC wasn’t so good.

That doesn’t matter however as now AFC Leopards have had worse characters in the past, without mentioning names, Logarusic just needs a little more positive results and he should be fine.

Well, the first to games as AFC Leopards coach have presented a good return, haven’t they?

With no media hype yet to build, Logarusic paints the image of a man who is still trying to get his feet into the AFC Leopards job. It would be not so wise to pile so much praise after a 1-0 win over City Stars but isn’t that a typical result of a well drilled Logarusic side?

I also know, AFC Leopards fans will not be so amused at the number of goals the team conceded last season despite spending some lanky amount of cash- for what turned out to be a mini fraud for most part of the season.

2 games with no goals conceded but just one scored reads 4 points- that surely can’t be a perfect portrait of a whole months hard work, but it’s a transition everyone should embrace.

Forgive my thinking; the fact that AFC Leopards have very little chance in the minds of millions only acts as a cloud to what Logarusic really can achieve with this side.

Just like the infamous 2-0 win that stands last and alone on the league table of 2014 (that awarded to AFC Leopards over Sony Sugar), that which ultimately handed them the Top 8 place, another one of margins might be here, but hidden in the genius of a man.

Calling a Top 8 title for AFC Leopards might be at this moment pre-mature, but for a club that badly itches for something, a man who badly needs it too to reclaim his ‘status’ at the top of the coaching stage in Kenya: this might just happen.

Logarusic might be building something beautiful; (if anyone still has some admiration for him) he needs some support- actually all the support. I’m not sure of the latter however; perhaps AFC Leopards need to prove us wrong. Let’s say, perhaps by defending him when he sprints the full length of his dug out to that of Gor Mahia’s during the derby after a Kasaya goal in the 90+4 minute. Hahaha I’m just saying (wrong example)- that would be bloody- but those are the moments he delights in, anything that happens after, should be to show some love and that might mean, taking some bullets for him.

Have a good day Sunday!


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