Save Our Sport- Information is Power

Does football help explain the Kenyan society? This must be one of the most read blogs ever written on this platform and one that still continues to be read- when I wrote it, never in my wildest dreams did I think the deterioration of our football society would reach such an all-time low.

Yesterday the Football Kenya Federation chairman went to court to block ‘The Nation’ from publishing articles on alleged mismanagement at the FKF offices. Up to that point, you will realize- it’s hard to differentiate the federation from the Chairman, it’s like a private kiosk owned by a sole proprietor.

Well, that just isn’t the main issue today, but in itself creates a perfect environment for what I would call ‘denying the local fan knowledge and information about what goes on in football’.

My thoughts always tells me, every soccer fan in this country is a stake holder, the media the watchdog and the office the leader of the pack. Denial of information and threats to whistle blowers just signifies what type of a society we are- one that doesn’t ever want to be accountable.

While we would always call for the media to act responsibly in its reporting and its quest for the truth- the other question would be; what would you say of a football body that is always ready to either pocket the journalist or damage the non-conformers?

Quoting Abraham Lincoln –‘’Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing’’, we might never be far from the truth when matters Kenyan Football are talked about.

Reading the Daily Nation’s series dubbed ‘SAVE OUR SPORT’, other blogs and numerous social media threads where local football management is mentioned, ever repeated is the fact that so much talent exists but the leadership to accompany it- the biggest let down.

Information is Power

Information is Power

Football, the most supported sport in Kenya has never been liberated. Constantly entangled in a web of deceit and corruption it was always certain- a revolution would rise accompanied by a spring of whistle-blowers. Small as the number might be today, following through each single goal each set to liberate Kenyan Football, momentum shall be built and the small successes will point the way to bigger ones.

Just like a democracy/government that seeks to serve its people day to day- whistle-blowing is central to its health and aspirations. For the ‘two’ years or so that the new soccer governing office has been in place, Kenyans can all attest to the fact that substantial growth has taken place but using a radar, based on our talent and dreams, it seems to be happening not fast enough. The ‘growth’ though the office boast of today of hasn’t come without pain. In some instances- the power has had to be removed from their hands for things to work, in others i would speculate- the time had just come.

As we then all wait for an inter-parties hearing on January 16th 2014, let’s all ask ourselves, which one is easier? Uprooting a small tree today that grows in the wrong part of the ‘shamba’ or using a chain saw tomorrow to get rid of it? The challenge too is to the other media houses, those that might have not been ‘gagged’ yet. Will they fall for the trap or will they stand up and defend their partners?

Unto the authorities, building a reputation (the one you badly think has been bruised) will never be on what you are planning to do, it must be done now!


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