My local pub back here might not be having a 46 inch television screen, neither might it be having a serious clique of notorious fans who travel to England to watch the game but one thing for sure I don’t miss weekend in weekend out  is the passion and arguments the fixtures ignite. A few sad faces here and there signalling disappointment whereas in another corner, a broad smile glares at me as Harry shakes David Moyes hands to signal the end of another Red Nap day for Tottenham.
Probably you may think it’s an Arsenal fan or maybe even a Manchester fan, but one way or the other, the delight might just be costing someone his job. In 2008, Juande Ramos, the then Tottenham boss lost three matches in a row and lost his job, * God forbid, up to now I’m not saying Harry’s gonna be fired*but the heat might just be getting too much for Harry keeping in mind, he has to still face Chelsea away, Sunderland away and Blackburn on the 3rd last day who might be by the time fighting relegation. On the other hand credit to the new Everton boy, Nikica Jelavic who promised the fans goals and true to his word, he did it on his debut, a rather flying start to life in Liverpool,,,eeeer to be specific Goodison Park.
Speaking of fine starts, give it up for the newest manager in town!!! Claps! Claps! Claps!, a few sighs and a few jeers, but who cares either way, Di Matteo made it two out of two and no goal conceded so far in his new position as caretaker manager. Drogba made a great landmark 100 goals for club, a first for any African player to have ever graced the EPL and for once I felt sorry for the Spaniard Torres: did he have to warm for all that long and not even get 2 minutes of the game? Mad, mad decision by the coach, one may think but not until you see this. Fuller sure needs some serious lecture on Kick boxing and where it’s applied, no complains on the red card and should for sure get some time on the bench rather than the pitch. Someone in Jamaica say KA BOOM!! No!! Leave your ghettoism back home, this is England. 
So a perfect day for Di Matteo, O’Neill and Davies in the office as Harry joins birthday boy King Kenny in the loosers den, football has a rude way of punishing those who smile when others loose. Today you smile, tomorrow you don’t. So before the ghosts of Muniain and Co settle at Trafford, Westbrom have a big point to prove, City want to hold on there and goodness knows, goal line technology should be introduced soon. Some things can be avoided, Mark Hughes is old enough to be my grandfather and the words that came off his mouth today, I even wonder how a referee puts them down in his match report. So for Hughes don’t try to appeal anything, give me an easy time next time, blogging is not easy, children too read these things, what type of role models do you want to be? As for Fuller, one word: DISGRACE
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