#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 Wow your crowd, fulfil your fantasies, never miss a smart sporting moment

Sports fans love to watch their favourite event LIVE, wherever they are, no matter the circumstance. Up to the minute coverage allows fans to be part of the action- even if they can’t be in the stands.

An advanced workflow for live and on demand content that is easy to set up and manage your sporting events hasn’t been easy to come across on this side of the world, you would agree with me. However the power of the internet has been far underutilized for such duties.

Today with a smart TV, an internet connection and just enough energy to pick the remote control, you sporting experience can be upgraded from ordinary to Wow!

Have you ever asked yourself, what time it might be at another part of the world the moment you wake up? It’s never mid-morning everywhere in the world the time you first switch on your TV, just like it isn’t- it’s late evening in another part of the world and even stranger? There is more than often a team kicking a ball, launching a product or even at times, lifting a trophy?

Well now, you don’t have to read about this in the papers anymore- with the Samsung Smart TV, you can now watch Live Sport any time of the day without paying an extra charge, just a proper internet connection, sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Located in the Sports Category is one of the most brilliant Apps ever to exist in Samsung Smart TV Hub, perhaps only second to the magic football button. With an amazing ability to stream Live Sport and news (secondary preference for me), smart television redefines experience even without the need for cables and wires protruding from behind the set.

The Livesport.TV app credits itself as the home of official streaming of premium sports from all around the world featuring all top sports competitions from around the world.


Please NOTE- the Livesport.tv app needs you to register on its website (www.livesport.tv) to have an account to give you access to watch the Live Games. On the unregistered version however, there is a chance to watch news and check schedules.

For this challenge I was lucky, a friend of mine on twitter allowed me use his credential to log into the app and was even lucky to catch a Polish Ekstraklasa match between Gornik Leczna vs Lechia Gdansk. For the record the match ended 1-1.

While for most persons in Kenya paying might not be easy using online methods (I know it’s hard to upload money to Skril, PayPal, the good thing is VISA payment method is allowed). The charges are fairly cheap- for 62.99 Euros (Assume 1 Euro is equivalent to Ksh 113 or maybe less)one gets to watch the soccer channel for a full year, while you get the same for 6.99 Euros a month).

Away from the pricing and internet connection duties- those who are not able to pay or just want to enjoy the free side of the app, have a whole lot of exciting news to watch and enjoy.

With a constantly updated news feed and a premium content based model, get to see the interviews with your favourite players. I was lucky to catch the Interviews of a few United players has the squad prepares for the great Manchester Derby.

Get into the soccer mood with a full view of fixtures and schedules for your favourite sporting events brightly displayed at the left of your screen. I tried doing the counting, stopped at around 12, yet the list was much longer, maybe even double.

The bigger picture of this app’s positivity shouldn’t just end there, with a log on details; you don’t compromise the ability of your computer and smart phone gadgets to be of sporting importance to you too. What does that mean? While you can decide to screen mirror what you are watching on your smartphone, you can also just decide to use your Samsung computer or tablet to watch the game on the go.

Getting a little cheeky is thoroughly NOT allowed, breathing life into your watching experience using the ‘Soccer Mode’ Button, certainly flopped while using this App, perhaps Samsung can improve on that.

Taking nothing away from the non-ability to enjoy the mode I have so fallen in love with over the last two weeks since I set my hands on this beautiful piece of art, the graphics quality of the images are superb.

Well, I shall now leave you to fantasize about how much more this television can do, I dont want to miss a sporting moment, so do you.

For that reason, here is a chance to join me on 1st of November at the TRM Mall Food Court starting 10 am to 12 pm as we explore more of this television and the greater things it can do. Tweet @Superjohna07 using the hashtag #SuperfootaCircle #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 for more queries and hopefully when we win, perhaps you can be lucky enough to win a TV like this one.


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