#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 Watch free football matches on your Samsung Smart TV, here is how

We all love to watch TV and all of us love to watch LIVE football on TV. However not all of us are willing to pay extra for a sports TV service provider and just watch a few matches weekly or actually matches one is not deeply interested in.

Sometimes, the better option would be to try and stream the game onto your PC/Laptop/tablet monitor, however, more than often the small screen causes dissatisfaction.


Now, with just your Samsung Smart TV, an internet connection, your smart remote and a few minutes of preparation, one can watch unlimited football as well as learn other sports.

Step 1

After setting up the Samsung Smart TV and fast internet connection, what you need to do is to make sure your firmware is up to date (The image below shows that).


You can as well follow the instructions in this video


Step 2

After the upgrade, go to the browser that comes preloaded on your TV’s Smart Hub. Type in www.stopstream.tv .

Remember, the remote can be hard to use when controlling the cursor and typing in, so should you have a tablet, or a Samsung phone, you can download the Samsung Smart Home Control App and use the touch screen of your device as a cursor as well as type.

Use browser’s default settings, don’t activate the pop up blocker as the site needs to first run those apps before you use the site’s streams (boring adverts, but worth the wait anyway)

Step 3

The next thing to do is to, chose the links which say no software video x (where video x is a number). Those links mean you don’t need to install extra software to watch the match, besides your Samsung Smart TV will not even allow you to, Halllllo!!!!, it’s a TV, not your computer’s replacement.


Step 4

The final thing is that you will probably see a several links to games lined up from top to bottom. Let them load and be patient (this will also depend on your speeds). If they say ads will close in 20 seconds, just be patient- 20 seconds isn’t a long time for free premium content.


Wait until you see the video control just like the one YouTube displays as a video prepares, click it and have the live stream video loading. You may need to try other several links (the site always provides around 2 to 5 different links that act as gateways to content).


Might prove troublesome but the more you use it, the better you become conversant with it.

(Don’t worry about the display image, you can as well zoom for larger effects)

Might be troublesome, but hey!, it’s premium content absolutely free!!! So find your page at least ten to 15 minutes before the game, or even earlier before the game starts to be safe.

This week’s #SuperfootaCircle activation takes place at the Sarit centre starting 10 am to 12noon, to participate tweet @Superjohna07 using the hashtag #SamsungBloggercHallenge2 and stand a chance of joining us enjoy the wonderful world of the Samsung Smart TV

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