#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 The smart morning before the big game

It’s Sunday morning, every one of your mates is nursing a hangover and the morning is winding away slowly. The day looks promising, but the daily routine of waking up to read all the top football websites in the world has been done fast (not a lot of football was played yesterday), so now, what next to do?


Here is an exciting thing my Smart TV showed my friends and I this morning,

Won’t be a long post because of the excitement of having to enjoy the SNTV Sports News App as we wait for the games that will be played this afternoon.


Having downloaded the SNTV Sports App this morning over breakfast, we hoped this would really help us catch up with last night’s highlights of matches we missed and I’m going to admit, we weren’t disappointed.

On the Home Screen (if I would call it that) of the app, a beautiful collage of Robben celebrating a Bayern goal amongst other images welcomed us to the beautiful world of football again.

On the sidebar, from top to bottom were categories that read (European Football, Golf, Bizzare and Extreme, perhaps not so much like we saw yesterday on the LIVESPORT.TV App.

Don’t worry though guys about the internet speeds (we have now clicked on the Robben Image to try and catch the highlights of last night), even the slower speeds streamed, perhaps not so perfectly.


Our Wi-Fi Connection wasn’t as fast as we might have wanted (Fred was growing impatient), so we decided to use the Safaricom modem. Not disappointing, I must admit.

“Premium content needs to be like this, no delays, no schedules, just press and play” Fred admitted.

Maybe because the TV is smart we never had to worry about the image quality, but the app really looks to have proper images it uses on its interface.

So many other highlights from various leagues (including the Dutch Erevidse, German Bundesliga, Turkish League, the Asian Champions League, French League, Belgian league, Spanish La Liga, The Europa League) Tennis Results and highlights, pre match interviews amongst others are proudly displayed on the home screen).

Please Note- I did not mention the EPL. It’s just that way, we were frustrated we never saw any leads to it.

Well, as we keep on watching highlights from so many leagues in Europe, our other friend is nagging us to check out the Bizzare and Extreme Sports action panel, since none of us here basically understands Golf, let alone love it.

As I promised a short blog, let’s leave it at there for today. Hope you have lots of fun when you finally land your hands on a Samsung Smart TV like we are, but wait or it, when we eventually win.

Have a peaceful day wont you?

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