#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 The Smart Button that breathes life into televised soccer

The greatest phenomenon of our lives, perhaps, has to be the ability of technology to be integrated into each and every aspect of our daily lives.

For others (like us and maybe you), life basically means football, maybe even greater than it

Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that. Bill Shankly

Some of the world’s greatest products and innovations have been linked to the beautiful game. Look around, how many balls do you think must have been sold, leaving alone produced- the figures must be mind gobbling.

It doesn’t stop there, however, the greatest innovation of the 20th century (even earlier than the bread slicer), the Television as it has become to be known, brought the world to our home. The greatest challenge ever since, has been how to make it stay.

And now, for over 75 years (1937- today), The world has watched football on TV. The relationship has since grown to greater levels, levels of which I will seek to explore.

Introducing the Samsung Smart TV, Series 5 5500

When the Samsung digital team contacted me for a chance to take part in the #BloggersChallenge2, I for a moment thought about the groovy fun, I was just about to have, well, it turned out differently, I am discovering so much right at once.

The Smart TV Box, as delivered to Superfoota by the good guys at Samsung

The Smart TV Box, as delivered to Superfoota by the good guys at Samsung

From a distance, this composition of art looks like a great huge TV that brings soccer to my me in a gigantic pattern- that’s neat. But what’s even greater? The feeling.

I thus resolved to assign it to the exam, and what better time than on a Champions League night, accompanied by a further experience on a Europa league night.

Soccer Mode and why the grass is greener on this side.

For this inaugural situation, we shall explore the two most exciting features that grabbed my attention immediately the remote control landed on my hands.

Resting just under the power and source button and slightly to a higher place the channel buttons is a round, conspicuous button with an icon of a ball on it, should fascinate every soccer soul, it rightfully stirs curiosity



The reason the grass is greener on the other side is the main duty of this button as I came to realize and vice versa. As the ball rolls to the front at the bottom of the screen, the background adjusts itself to a much more lively scene, what for me- is how a football pitch is meant to look on TV

My best description would be “it’s the difference between boring and football.”

A quick look at the options available in the soccer mode (as you shall also see in the picture above) are

  • Control Bar
  • Manual Highlight (Which Changes to Save As Highlight when you connect USB)
  • Zoom
  • Highlights player

The Control Bar options appear at the top introducing you (the viewer) to basically what you cant do on your normal TV as you watch a game.

The Zoom option as seen above, should help you decipher those moments that create controversy, spark emotion and create a difference.

In detail, this Samsung TV separates the screen into nine evenly spread areas. You can then enlarge a specific area using the four way button on the smart control.

I’m so excited by the ability to zoom, I was able to decipher that an origin pass (during the Lille vs Everton game) didn’t actually go over the line as my brother suggested and was glad he actually calmed down when he saw it on zoom.


Well, your zooming potential is limitless (this will also depend on the quality of your pictures, on analogue channels can be a little bit blurred) . For the Real Madrid freak, the new Ronaldo Haircut deserves a zoom, for a Liverpool fan, why not clearly see Balotelli and Pepe swapping shirts as they vanish down the Anfield Tunnel at Half Time?

The whole world has gone Vine Crazy, this TV offers you a great chance to join them. What am I talking about, the record button that appears under the control bar allows you to be bale to record events as you watch TV (or maybe as you also not watch, once in a while on that point is a dash to the washrooms or to replenish the ice). One thing to note however is that a USB device needs to be connected to the Television.

Command message that appears when TV tries recording minus a USB device

Command message that appears when TV tries recording minus a USB device

The best part of this feature is that it allows you to split the screen into two. One will show the LIVE broadcast of the match while the other will show the highlights of your choice (you shall no longer have to be at the mercy of the TV Producer). Highlights can also be manually set.

This amazing TV also allows you to track your favourite player and observe his every move using the highlight experience. For tactical gurus who want to track the tactical ability of their favourite players, this should suit you just fine.

Samsung’s Soccer Mode also welcomes you to the world of Social TV as well as provide information on the Channel being watched.

You should probably see, the yellow boots of the player over the line but not the ball

You should probably see, the yellow boots of the player over the line but not the ball

While in Kenya the channels are not yet providing information, a few of the digital channels already are. In my case, the information wasn’t available on the TV (But available while using the external decoders remote, hopefully Samsung looks at merging this going into the future).

Social TV

Samsung has a stand alone button for the Smart HUB (we shall talk more about this on the next post) , that leads the user to Social TV but im glad it’s also incorporated it on Soccer Mode.

This let’s you keep up with what’s foot on social media networks while you watch TV.

The main selling point of this feature is the ability to display relevant tweets to what your are watching or your area of preference.

Running on a side bar to the right of the screen, you can chose to display your social media timeline, search results that continually refresh or to even scale the TV image down. Another sweet option, is the ability to block ‘unsuitable’ tweets. Not everything can be rosy, how about blocking Piers Morgan when he’s all over Arsene for playing Arteta every match day despite his unconvincing perfomances.


You can also keep an eye on your Facebook feed and even more exciting, your Skype feed so you can share your frustrations on the Post Match Day Show after a game.


The Soccer Mode is Samsung’s greatest treat to us football lovers, therefore if you are looking for a TV that understands what a footballing atmosphere ought to be, this should help narrow down your selections.

Tomorrow, we shall talk everything gaming- we all love to have a good time. Whether to avenge to a defeat our way or just have some good competition after work.

PS- All images captured using the Samsung Tab 2 10.1 . Live TV images are originally from Supersport.

The #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 allows bloggers to interact with their fans and have lots of fun as they seek to explore the big world of entertainment Samsung offers. In this regard therefore, on 25Th Saturday at the TRM Mall (Thika Road), Starting 4pm to 6pm, Superfoota lead blogger John Aggrey shall challenge fans in a gaming session at the Samsung Booth that shall be inside the mall. To participate, kindly tweet @Superjohna07, use the hashtag #SuperfootaCircle, you might be one of those who get a chance to challenge John to a game on the Samsung Smart TV.

Best of Luck!!!



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