#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 Of an Unwelcome football visitor and the shock of larger than life imaging

First allow this blog begin by congratulating Gor Mahia for being KPL 2014 Champions. This league is rigorous as can be, I don’t envy those guys- the energy and hardwork they put in is just so great, Well Done!!!!

Not to floss, my absence from Kisumu meant I missed so much perhaps even so much more than the papers will write today. (It’s 11 am and I’m yet to get out of the house).

Live Large

Live Large

That’s just how much I loath Sunday Mornings, same way or even greater than most of you hate Monday Mornings. What is it with Mondays, isn’t man meant to work after all? Mine shall be a little easier starting the end of this weekend, the KPL is over….yeeeeeeah!!!

But just before i thoroughly indulge in the peace of my sleep and new found freedom, the exciting noises of Gor Mahia fans arriving back from Kisumu wakes up the estate, my gate in particular screams for an unwelcomed visitor. It’s only 5 am guys, who even does that?

The small boss (my brother like I refer to him) is here, excitement written all over his face but the urge to empty his bowels clearly expressed by his movement outside the gate. This is that moment you feel like announcing to him, you’ve just forgotten the keys upstairs and was just coming to check out who it was…haha, he’ll explode.

Well, that’s not me, not my kind of bullying technique, every human being has a ‘”spot” in him, and to see a brother swell with anger isn’t one of it.

Done with his ‘Shenanigans’ and back to the living room where he dropped his bag and camera, it”s clear this man aint going to bed now. Where does one get all this energy from, Singing in the sweltering heat of Kisumu and still have a little gas in to enable you not catch some sleep after the long journey is just magical.

Voilà!!! Phones out, and the floss mode begins. You just can’t miss something and the images shown to you even make you feel sorry for yourself, it shouldn’t happen that way.

I feel I need to floss to the boss too, he has no idea what my smart TV is going to do to his swollen ego plastered by Kisumu heat, perhaps he should even have a shower to begin.

I say my eyes are itching, how am I going to watch such a small screen when a bigger one can play all this images of Champions, lifting the trophy, their followers waving twigs and branches.. just to be sure, our marked trees weren’t uprooted by these fellas as they passed by Ahero?

Courtesy of the Screen Mirroring ability of my Smart TV, his Samsung S4 is soon displaying on the TV Screen.

{My previous post explains how to connect the phone/tablet to the Smart TV, Check it out)

The boss is quiet now, no cables, just my eyes and my fingers.

That’s how it’s supposed to be,

Sunday Morning posts aren’t meant to be long, so allow us enjoy viewing the images of the KPL Champions Final Day on the Samsung Smart TV. Every man deserves to view life large, yes, you too.

Have a peaceful Sunday, Wont you?

Next week, the #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 comes to an end, for the final week of activation and a chance to enjoy the Samsung Smart TV one more time, this Saturday, come down to the Sarit Center at the Samsung Booth and have some fun with us.


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