#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 It’s all fun on the world of smart gaming, see how

For those of you who are unable to resist the urge to surf the channels as you wait for a match to begin or just love the feeling of competition; games on devices always come in handy.

But more than often it means taking your eyes off the Television, well, now you won’t have to, actually, you really don’t need to.

Samsung Smart TV presents to you the user a whole new world of TV gaming.

The Smart TV Box, as delivered to Superfoota by the good guys at Samsung

The Smart TV Box, as delivered to Superfoota by the good guys at Samsung


Located at the center of your Smart TV remote is the SMART HUB button.

The Smart Hub button as shown on this illustration of the Samsung Smart TV remote

The Smart Hub button as shown on this illustration of the Samsung Smart TV remote

This automatically leads you to the Samsung Apps section of your television.

While the screen is minimized to the top left hand of your screen, recommended apps appear just right beside it.

The bottom rows show you the already pre-installed Apps the TV comes with, while just below it, suggestions and preferences of applications (those available in the Smart Market) are displayed under, Most Popular, What’s New and Categories.

For our challenge today, The aim is to download a game on the Smart TV, play it and allow you (later on at TRM Mall on the 25th of October starting 4pm) to challenge my scores and have some fun at the Samsung Booth.

While we looked around for a suitable (football biased) game that we would all enjoy.

First things first however was to make sure, the internet connection does work.

Connecting to the internet on this TV was pretty simple. With the option of wireless, Mobile (Modem) and wired connection, speeds will determine how fast or slow your app is downloaded, sometimes for slower connections- I noticed, the download doesn’t even start.

While we put the Safaricom 3G Modem to the test for this test, I must admit, I wasn’t disappointed- however, you must be really careful with your usage of data (the smart market can be really addictive).

The Categories section at the bottom of your screen leads you to the various apps available on the market but with a respect to your preferences (Video, Game, Sports, Lifestyle, Information, Education and Kids), you the reader, must fall somewhere in here.


While we chose the “Game” option today (hopefully we get to explore the others in the coming days), the number of games available to choose from is just amazing. In a market of 110 clothe traders, it would be had to choose who best sells pyjamas or red socks. Samsung seem to understand this so well too, for this reason, in a market of 110 gaming apps, further preferences are provided at the top to help aid your selection.

While the ‘Release Date’ Icon allows you to filter apps by Release Date, Popularity, Title A to Z and title Z to A, the ‘ALL’ icon allows you filter by ‘Free and Paid’.

Please note- As you indulge in a feast of downloads, great concern should be directed towards Memory Use. At 1.2 GB of internal memory, the excitement shouldn’t be cut short. Samsung thus allows you to connect an external Disk to boost your gaming bank.


Our selection leads us to ‘Jumbled Words’ after trying to get the Penalty Shootout App like the one on ‘Android Play Store’ fails.

Downloading ‘Jumbled Words’ takes roughly about a minute or less on the Safaricom 3G Internet (it’s only 8.06 MB) so that’s basically pretty decent.

Th description of the 'Jumbled Words' game

Th description of the ‘Jumbled Words’ game

At the end of the download, the time taken to Launch the Game is something close to under 2 seconds to a second (no blinking please).

Th description of the ‘Jumbled Words’ game

“Jumbled Words” Like its name suggests, is a game where the user tries to unscramble letters in a challenging word puzzle.

I’m not sure how many of you loved scrabble? Well, this is like it, but with some really nice sound effects produced when a right combination is made and the contrary for a wrong combination.

The game has 5 levels to complete with each level requiring the gamer to complete ten combinations before they move to the next.

I did manage Level 4 (pretty good for a first time) but the greatest challenge was the addition of numbers of letters as each level advanced. The first level begins with forming a 4 letter word and increases by a letter as the levels grow.

Level 4 pride

Level 4 pride

Typing made easy,

Typing made easy,

The remote buttons are used effectively to fix the letters into place and submit your entries. The Smart TV allows you the user to enter a name and displays your timing of each level completed, everyone wants a honor to his name and here is one. Typing a name wasn’t much of a trouble, the predictive text ability on the game coupled by the easy to type features of the numbers digits on the remote served me a great deal. However (Think non-English names) would have lots of trouble.

I tried using the “Smart View 2” application on my Samsung Tab 2 10.1 but was more than ever unsuccessful in connecting the two devices.

The beautiful part for you the reader however is, with this Television, the gaming apps don’t just end at 110, the Samsung team constantly updates the database to add more games to the Smart Hub. Another cool feature is that each app can be updated by the creator and you, the user can email the creator of the app and give views about each app. The ‘rating’ platform allows you to express your feelings about a particular game and the report button allows you to send feedback to the Samsung team (however you must register and Log In to do this).


PS- All images captured using the Samsung Tab 2 10.1 .

The #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 allows bloggers to interact with their fans and have lots of fun as they seek to explore the big world of entertainment Samsung offers. In this regard therefore, on 25Th Saturday at the TRM Mall (Thika Road), Starting 4pm to 6pm, Superfoota lead blogger John Aggrey shall challenge fans in a gaming session at the Samsung Booth that shall be inside the mall. To participate, kindly tweet @Superjohna07, use the hashtag #SuperfootaCircle, you might be one of those who get a chance to challenge John to a game on the Samsung Smart TV.

Best of Luck!!!

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