#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 How to smartly and basically fake your way through 90 minutes of football


Soccer as with many team sports can cause fans to speak a secret language only them understand. The idiom fused discussions are the calling cards of soccer fans who have grown and nurtured familiar relationships with the games and teams they are fond of.

Reminds me of this crazy advert on Kenyan TV (created by Makarao TV) of two police officers who walk into a police cell to do a headcount of suspects they arrested the previous night after a football match. The most exciting thing is that, the suspects’ greatest mistake was to use the words ‘Leo tutawachapia kwenu’ while referring to a game that was to be played later that day.

While it’s clear the police officer who made the arrests finds himself in a laughable situation, his colleague saves the day by trying to explain what the suspect really meant.

This doesn’t have to be you in another life, especially now that this blog will help explain to you how to go around football terms from the comfort of your seat. Well, allow me to be even stranger and call it “how to smartly and basically fake your way through 90 minutes of football.

Not knowing this game doesn’t make you a dummy, refusing to know certainly might not, but expressing your views about it might expose that, you surely don’t want your ego flattened- soccer fans know how to do this so well.

One thing even the ego-ballooned soccer fan (you have to deal with frequently) won’t be able to deflate is first, the ability of your Samsung Smart TV to help you get in the mood for the game and now, learn the basics of the sport you seek to explore.

"Screen Shot" of the Sommon Sense in Soccer" App

“Screen Shot” of the Sommon Sense in Soccer” App

With the help of the ‘Common Sense in Soccer’ App on the Samsung Smart Hub, we shall walk through the glory of clichés, the unwritten rules (some even greater than the penal code) and what as you shall come to learn, matters the most- positioning during play.

Definition and Rule of Soccer

The first post made in this blog about the #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 mission, explained how to download an application on the Smart TV. Using the same knowledge under the Sport category, a Smart TV user should be able to locate the “Common Sense in Soccer” App.

Having already located the app and downloaded it (myself), my fascination is drawn to the simplicity of it.

Sometimes it’s hard for every student who sees so many sub headings and headings to concentrate while in class, well, for this class, lucky students- not so much to disturb your peace and hearts.

With four simple directions labelled

  • Definition and Rule of Soccer
  • Position of Soccer
  • Terms of Soccer
  • OX Quiz

Learning soccer (football as we call it here) should be pretty easy.

Definition and Rule of Soccer


While I find the definition rather not exciting like the sport ought to be, the basics that cover from duration of play, numbers of players involved to means of winning should give every newbie a basic understanding of what soccer is about.

The rules like I explained above, are harsher than the penal code. The seriousness might not be in the words but in the actions, however in the simplest terms possible, it’s clear that the raw explanation given in Basic English will more than often reach the intended audience.

Position of Soccer

Think about it, every of the 11 men/women who take onto the pitch is a footballer, but the specialty of each separates their position and ability to perform certain duties on the pitch.


With a very proper illustration even the not so interested will find this pretty simple to understand. Without an emphasis on formations (you might have to learn this as you go on), the basic positioning of players and functions are properly illustrated.

It’s exciting to learn that not everybody who scores is a striker; just the same way that everyone who defends is a defender, but you can always be sure- that man/woman who constantly marks the opposing striker and is sometimes called the last man is the centre defender.

Terms of Soccer

This for me is the ‘incomplete’ dictionary of soccer situations.

I find it pretty incompetent to have an app on the Samsung Smart Hub, one that is incomplete.


While it is designed to be a mini dictionary explaining the terms used in soccer in an alphabetical order, the downside is that not every word is defined/ explained.

This makes it pretty hard for the learner to be able to know what most of these words mean, however for the few that are available, use of simple English makes it pretty easy not to miss the gist.

Soccer has so many words that need to be explained, so many situations that need proper English words to describe them, this app, tries in this regard but doesn’t meet what I would refer to as the allowed minimum.

OX Quiz

I loved this, I hope you too will.

A simple quiz (that needs internet connection to refresh) jogs your football memory and gives scores at the end of 10 quizzes can be used to gauge the level of preparedness and new found ability.


The (O) is selected for a correct score while the (X) for an option that’s wrong.

This can also be used by friends and family to compete as they test their football knowledge.

While I found the English used in the quiz really basic, the non-availability of levels makes it really hard for one to know his growth rate as some questions are repeated too often making it boring.

Well, at the tail end of it all, the main aim is to make sure you the viewer grows in knowledge of the game and this for me, is a great starting point.

Are you ready for the 90 minutes, yeeeeeah! I hope you are now!


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