#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 finale; The fans voice

As you all know, the Samsung Blogger Challenge 2 comes to an end this week, this also happens to be our final post for the challenge.


So for this post, we are going to keep it easy, have reviews (of the Samsung Smart TV 2014) from friends we have met at the Samsung Blogger Challenge Activations at the TRM Mall, The Junction Mall and at Sarit Centre.

The views expressed therefore by the individuals do not in any way, represent that of www.superfoota.co.ke or of its editor.

@RobertMunyao- “The thrill and captivation you derive from playing game on this Television is just out of this world, it’s so real playing FIFA 14 compared to when it’s played on other televisions, that’s a testament to the superior graphics Samsung have for this TV. However Samsung Should improve on the Sound system, at times I didn’t hear the game commentator very well”

Fred Wanyoike- “The TV makes you feel like you are playing a real game, I always thought it’s just the advert on TV, Feeling it is so surreal, I don’t the graphics were strong enough for my liking, perhaps I expected something close to a 3D movie, but all the same, since we played FIFA 14 and not FIFA 15, my expectations when I play 15 shall be measurable.”

Lotan Salapei- “Playing FIFA 14 looked so real, with a proper surround system, I think it can be better, but to compare the clarity of this TV and others around would be a joke, this is way up there. I would however like Samsung to make consoles of their own, that would make it so complete. Improvements in terms of screen quality, Samsung has gone higher than I expect, so I hope something better comes up.”

Derik and James- “Real would be an understatement, it’s more than real. Samsung should make their own consoles however; perhaps it would be much better than what we have today as consoles. The sound system was so awesome, you would hear the tap on the ball while a recommendation would be, the camera should be useful while playing online and hopefully Samsung works on that.”

Dan Kobimbo- “Because I never had to twitch my neck to follow the ball, I was already blown away. The sound is sometimes wavy; perhaps it’s because of the system connection, so I won’t really be hard on Samsung concerning that. You however have to wonder, how long it shall take before screen mirroring is flawless, the few seconds lost in between is such a bore, makes even gaming difficult.”

Nyawira- “I don’t enjoy watching TV so much, but I think with this Samsung Smart TV, I just got so many reasons to be a couch potato. The heat levels (heat produced by the TV) is so minimum, you would sit close to it without feeling changes in heat levels. Besides, siting close to it doesn’t burn your eyes, everything one interested in detail would need.”

Morris Cerullo- “After having so many Apps in a TV like that, what else should Samsung introduce? Perhaps, more Kenyan Apps on the TV. A feeling of ownership would go a long way in making the TV a Kenyan household product, see, like having an app on Kenyan Football, that would be so magical.”

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We couldn’t have all the reviews here, but the satisfaction that you enjoyed the activations and came out in numbers excites us so much. The challenge ends but the fun shouldn’t end, you can follow the hashtag #SamsungBloggerChallenge2 on Twitter to keep up to speed with the latest posts by other bloggers concerning this great Smart TV.

With the winner getting announced this coming week, we hope we win. When we win, you win too!!!! (A Samsung Smart LED TV, How about that?)

Shall keep you posted as everything unfolds,


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