#SamsungBloggerChallenge2; 5 TV Tips for your football watching party


Once in a while we throw football parties around, don’t we? Whether it’s just the boys coming over or the whole bunch heading down to the local to catch the big game, the television set is certainly the greatest asset.

Sure something big is a must, but there are different features and abilities to consider when choosing the ideal TV for the game.

Viewing Angle

When buying a TV for a big party/crowd, it’s safe to assume you are going to have lot’s of people looking at your TV (This is so literal).


Most TV’s have poor “Off Axis” performance, which means the boys at the far end/to the side are going to have a worse image than those directly in front of the TV. In Some cases, this can become so severe that it becomes near-unwatchable.

The Samsung Smart TV however doesn’t have this issue, and is viewable from any point. Since it’s an LED TV, it offers a wider viewing angle than the other LCD type of televisions.


During the World Cup period, kick off times for games were greatly beyond the grasp of a few soccer loving persons, especially in this part of the World.

Late Champions League games means at times, bed time is pushed a little further as extra time and penalties become the norm going into January as the knock out phases sets in.

For those owning the Samsung Smart TV, The LED offers regular lighting making sure your eyes don’t hurt. This is however not guaranteed (you got to set your TV), what is guaranteed is that, the settings are friendly and easy to understand, you shouldn’t have any troubles.

Still on those who want to try out the Samsung Smart TV (I mean all you), the Soccer Mode
(as explained here) provides a balance of brightness and Motion which we address next.


Motion Blur

Lots of motion on the screen here, lots of camera movement there. Most normal TV’s will fail at balancing this, some people are bothered by it, others pretend not to.

With sports, the higher refresher rate LCD’s perform much better than normal Televisions, then now, ask yourself how much better an LED will do?

Have in mind that the same circuitry that makes sports look sharp on TV, provides top the mind and eyes the peace of mind.


TV height is an extremely important issue, this doesn’t more than often depend on the model of TV you have, but on size and preferences.

Most importantly however, viewer comfort needs to be key.

You need to be slightly looking down at the TV, not staring down at it (please note the difference). Not because it looks weird but because eye level determines the level of comfort too.

It’s also recommended never to install your TV above the fireplace, the heat and the suit will ruin your beautiful Smart TV; a terrible idea in totality.

Most TV manufacturers don’t publish this height specifically, but nearly all will give ‘Product size without stand”, Dividing this height by 4 will get you roughly the centre of the screen. For a 50 inch screen this is around 14 inches. Means for around 65 inches, we shall talk about 17 or 18 inches.

Sound Quality

How many times does the commentator fascinate you when he screams ‘Aguerrrrrrooooo” (refereeing to the famous goal that won City their 2012 EPL title).

More than often, the feeling depends on the team you support, but beyond that, the sound remains with one for a long time- they say words breathe life into actions.

Testing this on our Samsung Smart TV, we appreciated the surround that emanates from this television. Away from the surround, the quality of the sound even when the volume was increased to cater for the crowd didn’t disappoint. You need a TV whose sound quality remains the same even with a rise in volume.

Try the above, but even more than often, try the Samsung Smart TV and tell us if your viewing party doesn’t fall for you and your TV.

Let the drinks flow, enjoy the football life and scream your voice hoarse with these 5 tips that will better your football watching party.


The party this Saturday the 15th is at the Samsung Booth at the Sarit centre, Come Join us in there starting 10 am to 12 pm, have loads of fun with the new Samsung Smart TV, play games and watch loads of TV.

Tweet about the experience using the hashtag #SuperfootaCircle #SamsungBloggerChallenge2,


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