#SamsungBloggerChallenge2 Living the Large Life, even Football’s big heart would want it that way

We are on the third week of the Samsung Bloggers Challenge, it’s not getting any easier, in all honesty, it just got a little bit complicated.

A few of you might be wondering why ‘Living Large’ would be a headline today when it’s clear the presence of a Samsung Smart TV alone in your living room is what it is- ‘Living Large’.

Live Large

Live Large

Well for soccer’s big heart, it’s not often compared to anything. Today, we are lucky enough, at least here is a function of this TV that dares to come close.

Just a working Wi-Fi connection, a Samsung smart phone/tablet and a Samsung Smart TV is all that is needed today, not so much, isn’t it? But how does it really got to work or even how much more can one do with this?

While not every tablet/phone is able to perform the little challenge we want to accomplish today, every man needs a bigger challenge in his life, after all, what is this life without a large show?

Having set up our WI-FI internet connection, we shall seek to express how a Samsung Smart TV and a Samsung Tablet shall co-relate to express those little things in life on a larger scale.

We were lucky, our tablet (provided by the Samsung team) came preloaded with a Flash Scare App that allowed us transfer the ‘Samsung Link’ App, that which is responsible for the interconnection of the Samsung TV and the Tablet. This we got installed on our tablet by transferring it from another tablet, but if you have not that luxury, downloading it from the Play Store would be another option.

NOTE- If you have recently updated your phone or tablet to Android Version 4.3 you will need to install ‘the Screen Mirroring Patch’ to continue to enjoy screen mirroring.

Enabling Screen Mirroring on your TV

(First, kindly make sure your Samsung Smart TV and Tablet are connected to the Same WIFI Network)

To prepare your TV to connect to the Smart TV, press the source button and navigate to select the Screen Mirroring Source.

Your TV then will display a screen informing you that it is waiting for a device to be connected, this will display until your device is connected. (Kindly remember to activate the screen Mirroring function from the drop down menu of your tablet or phone). Should you fail to connect device in 2 minutes, the scan times out.

Tap on to the TV to connect to it, the phone’s screen shall now be displayed onto the screen, like having your small screen on a big screen.

It’s real exciting, when it finally does.

For a football blog like us, the first challenge was to try checking our site and how it appears on the big screen- our verdict, Beautiful.

Ooooops, before the excitement takes over, here are a few things you can do with your smart devices ability to screen mirror, you can use this connection to

  • Show pictures showed on your device
  • Watch videos showed on your device
  • Watch videos from Apps on your device
  • Play Music from your device and use the TV speakers for Sound
  • Have people watch the Game you are enjoying streaming or even playing.

NOTE- there is a slight lag between actions performed, so you might not watch the TV’s screen while playing fast paced games where timing is key (use this to win games against friends who have no idea about this, hahaha naughty!)

So why cant you have your cake and see it too? You too, thanks to the magic of mirroring. For those looking to marry the second screen to the first, a rapidly growing Arsenal of devices now exists to allow you be the football fan and couch/bed potato you might want to be.

As an extension of Football’s big heart from us to you, why not come and join us at the Junction MALL, THIS Saturday 8th November starting 2pm to 4pm as we watch the final games of the Kenya Premier League streamed to you LIVE on the Smart TV.

You too, have a chance to walk away with this Samsung Smart TV, should we eventually win the Samsung Bloggers Challenge 2, join the conversation by using the hashtag #SuperfootaCircle #SamsungBloggerchallenge2


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