Preview; Denmark Euro 2012

Fifa Ranking
Morten Olsen – One of the great players of that great 1980’s team. In his days won 102 caps for the country and has been handed a contract extension till 2014
Daniel Agger – Liverpool defender. I love the song the Liverpool faithful have created for him, to the tune of Agadoo.
Star players
Dennis Rommedaml, Christian Eriksen, Nicklas Bendtner
The Danes are making a return after missing out on Euro 2008
Likely Formation
The Danes will not be so fancied to win this group let alone come second but holy heaven’slet’s give them a Chance. 
In between the sticks is a lot of English experience. Manchester United’s goalkeeper Anders Lindergaard should start while he should be backed up by Stoke’s Thomas Sorensen. 
Capatain Daniel Agger should lead that defensive line standing right beside Simon Kjaer of AS Roma. AZ Akmaar’s Simon Poulsen should start on the left wing while the right wing should be taken by Lars Jacobsen. 
The two anchoring players should be Christian Poulsen and Niki Zimling who plays for Brugges.
Ajax’s Christian Eriksen (Martin Jorgensen should act as back up) creativity will once again be put to the test as he will play that central man in the three man offensive midfield flanked by the experienced Dennis Rommedahl, 33 years old and not having the pace anymore but lots of experience. On the right then will be Michael Krohn while the lone striker as you expected should be Sunderland’ Nicklas Bendtner; tends to score for country more than he scores for club.
Nobody is for sure giving them a chance but I like their formation and commitment when they are in the right sense of mind. Should cause a lot of problems and hoping Bendtner continues with his good form, why not a win against Portugal? 
You think I know much about Denmark? Of cause not. But one thing I can’t forget is that Dane keeper Peter Schmeichel .Another thing I knew from my earlier visit there is that if you buy a boat in Copenhagen and sail to the nearest shore on the other side of the water, you arrive in Sweden. Funny though!!!! HUH 
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Denmark is equally famous for its traveling fans, known as roligans.The movement emerged during the 1980s as the declared opposition to hoologanism. The goal of the roligan movement is calm, yet cheerful, support during the matches, as rolig means calm in the Danish Language. The roligan movement was organized in order to support the national team at the tournament. *from Wikipedia

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