Post Derby Thoughts: The little matter of a 1-1 draw

The little matter of a 1-1 draw is all behind us now. It really doesn’t matter how anyone viewed it- it wasn’t a thriller compared to years past. The crowds didn’t make it any better- and if the pre-match hype was anything to go by, even the analysts were clueless on what to expect- just hot air that was quickly extinguished.

Assuming Logarusic was happy with an unbeaten run in the derby and Nuttal glad an away point wasn’t lost even when the three could have been better, it was never the perfect show for the two styles of football on display.

For a moment, the ball spent too much time in the air. It wasn’t that AFC Leopards were spoiling the play Gor Mahia is known for (or are getting known for), when the away goal came it underlined Nuttal’s credentials over Logarusic’s men. Sleek, stylish, pin point- call it whatever you want: Kasaya had to watch it past him and help pick it out for his teammates to restart play.

For a not so perfect reply- scrappy like the man on the touch line was- it didn’t matter. Perhaps the ‘result first flair later’ attitude that’s been associated with Logarusic. It’s not shaming to concede in such a game, neither should Gor Mahia feel the same- the fact that neither of the sides gave us a period of belief in the entire game should.

Football is dynamic and like before the game, Logarusic knew AFC Leopards would be stronger with him on the bench. It’s a fact, on paper, on form, even on history that Gor Mahia have been stronger.

AFC leopards now are in a better position, maybe even better to mount a title chase. It would be god sent (a title) but failure to achieve it won’t be frowned upon anyway. It’s a pressure they have to put on themselves and a challenge they have to be ready to pursue- for this, they’ll still have to face an obstacle in Gor Mahia one more time in the league this season.

That- however shall be months away. So far away, the league positions can be swapped maybe even 5 or 6 times during that spell. But for whose top at the moment, it’s like a free fall past other premier league sides towards the title- for whose paces behind: it’s a climb towards something hopefully special.

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