So Arsene Wenger and Patrick Vieira meet at a pre-Easter party organized for the Arsenal legends (Patrick being one of them) at the Grove one night in March 2012. After the meals and the speeches, the party mood sets in and some Karaoke finally goes down. Patrick being Manchester City’s football development executive is for most of the time on the phone and even when the turn finally sets for him to perform; he’s still nowhere to be seen. Probably still talking on the phone to Mancini, they are thought to be discussing the young man at Feyenoord, John Guidetti who’s just scored a hatrick and goes to the media in Netherlands demanding a first place position when he returns to Etihad or a summer move to a ‘big’ club, something that seems to worry the Frenchman.
Since the night is still long, the guests are patient and wait for him to finish his call as other performers take their places. So when he finally comes back into the party, the 2nd last performer is wowing the crowd. TITI is somewhere at the corner winking at him as he passes by and before long, the MC of the night, one Sylvio Mendes Campos Junior mostly known as Sylvinho (an ex gunner himself) welcomes him to the microphone.
As he grabs the mic and takes his place, I realize Pat is not a party animal but won’t mind singing for the crowd, besides, he’s a legend here. With a crazily deep French accent, he asks for the instrumentals to Kenny Rodgers- Coward of the County. He in fact just does one line (I wrote it down here for you)
I promised you, Dad
Not to do the things you’ve done
I walk away from trouble when I can
Now please don’t think I’m weak
I didn’t turn the other cheek
Papa, I sure hope you understand
Sometimes you gotta fight
When you’re a man
He then signs off saying, ‘’in dedication to my Professor, my mentor, my dad, Sir Wenger’’. Rather satirical I think, of cause, the whole world knows he’s not a Sir, there’s only one Sir actually he might be referring to, Sir Ferguson. The crowd has mixed emotions, some are over the moon clapping and screaming the number 4’s name. Others just don’t see anything funny in the performance and shrug their shoulders in somewhat defiance.
Later, deep into the night as I drive home from the party, my mind wanders into its silent place. I gaze into the traffic ahead of me and think, what might be wrong with this Patrick of a man? There are two instances going through my mind, sure I’m gonna tell you about them right now.
The first one, is about desperation. Apparently, Pat thinks Fergie getting back Scholes was so desperate from him. True as it may be, Ferguson for real needed a pillar in that midfield. The moments were desperate, the pressure was too much and just to prove a point, Kompany messed up the evening by that two footed tackle. So? From there who looked more desperate?
O.k o.k, you might still not be convinced. At Old Trafford, (as he, Pat claims) Manchester United seem to get an advantage and penalties going their way. In this game, unless you attack with the vigour Man U attack with, you are sure not going to get anything going your way. Ask Arsenal, you have to get into the box and force the other team into mistakes. Ben Arfa, for Newcastle did it at Old Trafford and got away with it so why can’t teams come to Trafford, attack, force the Man U defense into mistakes and get the penalties they so seem to want? For the few years I’ve watched the game, there’s one conclusion I’ve come to make. The greatest mistake at Trafford is going there to defend and not attack. That way, you will be forced into mistakes that will result into goals, goals and more goals. In what fashion they come is not for me to debate, penalties or no penalties, you got to work for them.
                                              Picture courtesy the Sun
So as I now retire to bed for the night, my heart goes out to Vieira. He’s a Man U hater by default (neither am I a Man U fan), but for crying out loud, he should be a good friend of the game. His war of words so far, has got no mass and should re-direct his energies to helping Man City wrestle the title from their cross town rivals Manchester United. Ferguson has been here, he knows what to do, how and when to do it. Patrick, you are only 35, walk from trouble when you can. So when you see even Mancini quiet, two words; ‘shut up’.
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Disclaimer: It should be noted that the above story on the Pre-Easter party is fiction and should not be taken seriously. It’s used here for entertainment and to inform the world of football.

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