Opposing worlds- delivering the Kenyan World Cup dream

The lights fade; the stands empty and the party slowly dies away into the morning- it is hard to believe the world’s greatest sporting showpiece has finally come to an end.

A footballing universe is rightfully satisfied by the level of football they have witnessed, those who aren’t, wouldn’t want to listen any more to our tales- it was beautiful in every sense.

So before the sleep patterns return to normal, lost man-hours completely recovered and Facebook and Instagram images still fresh, allow me take a dig at my beloved country.

Kenya never qualified for the World Cup; you must have known by now- however as the unofficial sixth African nation at the World Cup the memories rest with a few of us, not to be shared by everyone. The pain and joys never to be shared on television screens and never to be discussed in World Cup media panels- unless when a discussion about the Super Eagles road to the World Cup crops up do we get a mention.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the position we found ourselves in during the World Cup, lucky as the few chosen ones who got to watch the World Cup in the disguise of the ‘National Team’ were, the rest of us are a lucky lot as well. Not CNN nor AlJazeera or any of those crazy YouTube meme shows- never took up on this- otherwise, ‘Kenya’ would have been a huge football laughingstock, perhaps only compared to the Zaire side of 1974.

While our stars might not have fought on the pitch or demanded hefty allowances, the headline makers always had other ideas more often far from the reality but closer to falsehood and obsession as Origi became the ‘relevant’ topic.

Forgive the minimal knowledge of the French league amongst our population, or the mastery of the language itself, our obsession with a Belgian kid living far away was embraced with uttermost conviction even as it was clear, a snub was imminent.

Till today, no Kenyan paper/Television/Radio is yet to publish a comprehensive interview with the boy. Apart from a tweet sent earlier this year to Divock himself by a famous Television host, seeking an interview while the scribe was to travel in France, the closest greatness has smiled at the media is through lifted AFP/Reuteurs/Canal+ pieces, etc.

A satisfied lot of journos will troop back into the country having covered the World Cup ‘comprehensively’ and satisfactorily. A job well done, sweat worth it and a perfect holiday sampling Brazilian steak.

In the same breath, somewhere in an office bordering the Nyayo Stadium swimming pool and on another around ‘the hill,’ two different men will swing in their chairs having delivered the World Cup dream to Kenyan Football.


After all what is needed for a country’s perfect footballing dream? A national team flying to the World Cup. Whether as participants or spectators? That’s up for you to decide.

Surely is this the way Kenya wants a World Cup dream delivered going into the future?

All Images courtesy @FKFOfficial

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