Until recently the whole world thought how stupid Roberto Mancini was keeping Tevez out of the squad when for sure a player of his calibre was needed to help catch United and get back to the top of the summit. I for once even thought I would never see my lovely ‘CARLITO’ once again carry his child in his left arm and wave at the sky blue faithful but what happened in the match against Chelsea was a testimony, a testimony to discipline and level headedness even in the current world of superstars and their ‘know it all’ ways.
Mancini sure knows when to do what and how. He has guided City to unprecedented heights over the last few years he has been around. Now they are a force even the ‘big Boys’ can no longer assume. They have led the EPL for a while now and though some might point at money playing a great role in this, my mind out rightly tells me a big NO.
Forget about the money for the moment, concentrate on the ego’s in that dressing room. Not many coaches would manage that, even the best in the world would struggle once or twice and how many times they would have to separate two fighting players? God knows how many.
Big bro Ballotelli better be watching, he might be lucky for the moment and his recent performances might have just gotten Mancini to look the other way, but his ears are out all the time. It’s out rightly clear, the Sheikh’s at the helm of Etihad back this man 100% if not slightly better than that. Tevez was not a cheap buy and getting a player of his calibre too is not a cheap joke in this harsh world of football. So them having to watch as their investment got ‘disciplined’ was a big statement that nobody for sure is greater than the team.
For now, Tevez and Co have learnt their lesson. He looks to be back and needs to get concentrating again, forget his golf playing exploits (Tiger too is back), football is what got him from Argentina,  football is what took him to Westham, to Manchester and now to where he boasts of a mega rich lifestyle every footballer dreams of.
Hats off and much respect to Mancini. He cracks the whip and changes his mind not about it. If Manchester City are ever to get to greater heights with all their money, this is one man for sure they need. Who’s next? I don’t know. But for as long as, the smart Italian reigns at Etihad, the scarf (pride) must forever be under the coat, don’t show yours to the world, because he is King here and until the Sheikh’s think otherwise, he rules.
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