Patriotism and identity are two things that go together. I might have not gone to school to study football management, neither have most of those guys elected to that FKL office and even if they did, then they just got it all wrong. First, the Mariga controversy that has already painted a bad picture of our administrators even before a ball is kicked at Nyayo later today. The second and my main point today is the KIT issue. 
As a fan, I already lost count of how many jersey’s the national team has lined up in in recent time. Leading me to the big question; What happened to our identity? What happened to our colours? Adidas has been the national team kit’s manufacturer for a long time and even changing to Kelme (as I have come to learn it’s called) is not our problem. What remains never to be understood is where all the money to make new kits match in match out and how our colours keep changing daily yet we can’t even pay a player his 1.5M he used, to come and play for the country.
This is Africa and for that matter this is Kenya but we shall still have not done any wrong copying from others. From our last appearance at the AFCON to this year (2012), you shall realise that most teams if not virtually all have colours they have maintained to date. If we are to ever make an appearance at the big stage any soon, most people who watched Kenya in the 1970’s and 1980’s will have a problem knowing who we are. Today we might turn out in a green, tomorrow a red and even maybe a white one for as long as we the fans still keep quiet.
Back to today’s issues, I’ll be so disappointed if the stars make an appearance in a kit with a conspicuous yellow stripe at the side. For heaven’s sake, even if the firm is Spanish, let’s face it, there is no yellow colour in our flag. My little knowledge of football tells me that the national kit colours should be a representation of the country’s flag and nationality. Most of us this evening will don different replica jersey’s, probably bought in the span of the last two years, but oh my world, you’ll see how many kits we have had in recent time. 
It’s high time we the fans got value for money. This is the Kenyan football team, we are the Kenyans they represent and if what they play in is not representing you and me, then sure it’s not the national team. Will we sit back and watch our team play in all sorts of colours for every match? FKF already has given us reasons not to trust in them, I might be labelled ‘unpatriotic’ by FKF, but let’s face it, we need a kit with definite colours. Colours that will be worn every match day. Let the kit manufacturer change, let the design change, let the office bearers change, let everybody die and go, but let our identity, our colours remain. Forever, Back, White, Red and Green.
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