On the backdrop of Andre Villas Boas sacking from the Chelsea’s manager’s post, I thought of no proper way of documenting my profound shock and sorrow rather than putting it down in a short poem. It is not the way I wanted it to end for such young and great talent, but I admire his courage and optimism in the face of all the challenges he faced at England. I sure wish him all the best and forever, world football owes him a round of applause.
My friend, Hero and Coach,
The world is sometimes a bitch,
In the begining you were the only fish,
But all Abramovich does best is to quetch.
Dont ask me i knew how,
The headlines were like wow,
The pressure was getting too much now,
But thank God you didn’t bow.
In my eyes you still the best,
Get home and get a rest,
Come on Boas, this is not a jest,
Though it too doesn’t call for a fest. 

The media played their part,
They told me daily you were going to depart,
I told them you had a rampart,
Easy it was not going to be to tear you apart.

And now listen to me say,
At the end of the tunnel there is a ray,
Please don’t go astray,
But go straight up that way.

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