Nigeria v Kenya; the 2014 World Cup Qualifier that was already played and won on Twitter

Football has a way of bringing people together. We might never support the same team, never be of the same tribe/country but matters of the pitch somehow have a bearing on each of us.

World over, patriotism is something best experienced during sporting events. Case example; when your national team is playing a football match at the Olympics, World Cup, Regional Tourney’s just to mention a few. 
So this weekend, the Harambee Stars of Kenya will face AFCON defending champions Nigeria in what is mean to be a 2014 World Cup qualifier and also Nigeria’s first match since lifting the AFCON title in South Africa. 
The fortunes of the two footballing countries in matters regarding football are slightly different when matters are brought into perspective. While Nigeria are currently holding the title of African Champions and a sure place as the African representative to this year’s Confederations Cup- Kenya has since not been able to qualify for continental action since 2004. Both countries though share the unfortunate state of corruption dogging their game for a while now but seemingly Nigeria have made more strides despite the same. 
If you’re keen on social media you might have come across this #SOMEONETELLKENYA and #SOMEONETELLNIGERIA especially to those who adore Twitter.

It’s even funnier to learn that at some point #SomeoneTellNigeria made it to position four on the worldwide trends ranking.

Both hash tags came a s a result of the treatment the Kenyan team underwent while in Lagos. Whereas the Kenyan contingent expected a proper hotel and proper meals- what met them according to media sources really never turned out pleasing. Pictures doing rounds on social media showed the team training in deplorable conditions and not just that- the promised plane that would ferry them to Calabar was nowhere to be seen. 
I would at least point out that the Kenyan FA might have failed in its duty of sending an understudy and even contacting the Kenyan Embassy in Nigeria for prior arrangement. But that doesn’t end there- the reaction on twitter was immense and as you’re about to see- some were just mad, other plain truth and for those offensive and graphic ones – they have been left out. 

Thus in no particular order; I’m going to highlight some of the best banters of the day.

And when it came time for the fact books to be opened? The truth carried the day.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we left the boys in Calabar decide which side finally wins. Football is a sport that unites all of us and creates no enemies. Hoping you all understand that it wasn’t a beef but just a friendly banter.
Just so that you don’t forget- this is a football blog. Of course we shall watch out for all your exciting tweets as The Super Eagles of Nigeria take on the Harambee Stars of Kenya. 
To check more of the tweets, search #someonetellnigeria or #someonetellkenya on twitter.
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Have an exciting week, wont you?
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