Money to be won on score lines and more? But what has really made it easy?



Today, almost every house down the street in this country has a guard reading through the back pages of a daily, a waiter going over a football review site during break time and a University student taking time off studies- to place a bet on a favorite team.

It’s the new era of online betting- right on the phone at your convenience. The internet has not just made life easier for the betting lovers, but even the companies. Its not just lucrative going by the market returns, it’s a present day phenomenon.

Uploading funds, staking and withdrawal now take place in neck break speeds as these online platforms are carefully aggregated to the customer’s desires and satisfaction.

Benefits and access to top of the high odds are exclusive to users of particular online betting platforms. For example, a company like Betin Kenya, owned by GoldBet Group, a major European online and retail betting operator uses a Betin Kenya Promotion Code. At the end of the day, users either win money as a result of the bets they have made or lose out on the funds they have risked.

Winning in this business can be HUGE. Loses fatal- but like they say. The higher the risk, the greater the returns. In a country of nearly half the people watching football as a first sport and the rest as a secondary sport- its no brainer, more football fans tend to risk their money alongside their passion for the game.

The penetration of mobile phones in the country and in the continent is always at a constant forward trajectory. Its no brainer, betting companies have taped on to this massive market provided by mobile money services i.e Airtel money, MPesa etc. The mobile money market has even further provided betting companies with dedicated till numbers and pay bill numbers that integrate into the system and subsequently into the online account of the customer.

With a turn over of Shs 2.1 Billion in 2015 alone and the rise of sports betting in 2016- it’s a matter of time and patience before this market hits the Shs 5 Billion mark.

The Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) says about 30 companies have been licensed as operators of the betting business. Applications from many more are also at various stages of consideration before being approved, this can only suggest one thing- this just begun and wont stop any soon.


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