Might just be another day at the Arsenal hall of pain.
I sure don’t know whether it’s true Nzogbia and McLeish are at crossroads, but one thing for sure I know is that the Arsenal faithful and McLeish will never see eye to eye for as long as that Carling cup memory still exists. How he safely guided Birmingham to relegation was surprising and my head tends to think he might be successful again this time, Yes, in guiding Aston Villa to relegation, if he fails, then it will be by a whisker.
In my eyes he is this season’s version of Avram Grant, clueless at times and even when the fans don’t want him, he knows how to stay put. Van Persie will relish scoring two penalties if not more this time but to McLeish I know he’s a total villain, considering McLeish points to his nose every time he sees his player apparently getting elbowed. He claims his nose has the structure it has now thanks to the several times he was elbowed mid-air during his playing time. I wonder what the old man expects, considering the rough nature of the Scottish game at that time.
For Arsene, a 7th successive win would be a great result for his side. With Tottenham breathing down their necks, Arsenal will have to win this and hope Tottenham and Chelsea falter behind them as the fight for the top four gains momentum. At Emirates, Arsenal is sure a force, Manchester Utd is actually the last side that won there, and with all due respect I don’t expect Villa to carry the same momentum with them.
Wenger sure seems to be cementing his job’s position at the Emirates dugout while McLeish seems to be getting closer and closer to Villa Park exit after rather a brilliant start. McLeish thus for now needs to get his act right and for the record, really fast. He’s already proven he has a thick skin to take him through all this and for all the players Villa has lost, it would be a breather if he keeps the club in top flight football albeit for another year. But before then, high flying Arsenal stares him in the face. He did it last year, he can do it on Saturday but before that, how deep can he dig into his squad to beat this good Arsenal side?
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