Sir Alex Ferguson has been a great coach no doubt about that. In recent time he’s been able to guide Manchester United to several titles not forgetting several domestic cups and to cap it off, two Champions league titles. So as his side met QPR, I for once thought, this was the team to beat Manchester United at their backyard just a week after extinguishing a flying Arsenal at Loftus road.
Patrick Vieira, an Arsenal legend himself, just weeks earlier lamented of referees favoring Manchester United at home. Yes indeed, I so disagreed with that, but what happened yesterday utterly shocked me, made me question the English whistle blowers and their influence on the title and relegation race.
Shaun Derry seemed to foul Ashley Young as the lad got from an offside position one interpreted by the referee as a denial of a clear goal scoring opportunity.  For one, I smiled when I saw the red card and knew for sure something was on the cards at half time here. Mark for sure had all the rights to be angry and disappointed. In this English game, the manner at which officials are protected is worrying. They seem to be out rightly handing a team defeat even before a ball is kicked.
But just to rub salt in QPR wounds, Wayne steps up, scores the penalty and kisses his badge. Ferguson further ahead concedes Young was offside but again concedes it was a penalty. Leads me to the question, once a player is offside, how does it translate to a penalty again? Talk of conspiracy, maybe…. Scholes drills a typical goal and in style, walks away from the scene of action. The referee walks away to write his match report, Hughes is screaming at him, Fergie chewing his way down the tunnel, ‘’mumbling a few words I don’t seem to understand’’ and the diver gets a bashing on Twitter from the QPR Director himself ‘It was offside and a dive by Young! Alex Ferguson’s luck with calls continues. Just wish there was video technology!” Several retweets and I hope he’s surely carried to the Olympics by team Great Britain as a diver.
So eight points clear, controversially though (why would you be happy winning ties controversially), Manchester united sit comfortably at the top of the summit, as the other big Manchester club faces another one in London. Emirates is the venue, cash and class are meeting and hell no!!! Two old boys are back to what used to be home for the first time in the league.
                                    Shame Mario image courtesy the sun
The prof seems to be whispering something to Rice after the customary handshakes, maybe it’s Mancini’s rough hands they are talking about, ‘’been a rough time for him in recent time you know.’’
But rough they are, for all the right reasons, his job is on the line and with this job, his ambitions lie in there. Not a bitterly contested game as earlier predicted, Mancini’s men seem to want to play Arsenal’s game.
But just as he does it in style, my boy Mario just couldn’t allow Ashley Young do the front pages of all Sport Headlines. First was his hurried Lunge on Song, maybe to repay his brother Toure’s injury apparently a knock by Song. Luckily though, the ‘rock’ Song was able to be back. Just as in Yesterday’s preview on this blog, Cashri and Clipouds for sure had a long bad day. Nasri for one, never seemed to even make a few complete passes, the boo’s that rung around Emirates every time he tried making a pass was deafening. So when the fourth official finally held up his board for a Nasri sub, the revelers in my home pub where I went to catch the game, stood up, got their wallets and waved a few notes as the Frenchman dared not look at the Arsenal bench.
Sergio Aguero threatened once in a while and even though David Silva was missing, Manchester City never looked to threaten Arsenal that much. Kompany, Hart and the City defense line, worked hard to keep away wave after wave of Arsenal attack something they did so well until the Spaniard popped up with a 20 yard screamer.
You see, Hart is rarely beaten from that distance, credit to Arteta and even though his celebration never matched the screams, he was the commander, he did it his way and just like in his Everton days, he punched the air in joy, Mancini fell into a state of oblivion, watched in disbelief as in the earlier tie, it was again a Spaniard who popped up with the goal, just the difference is, it was not his preferred Spaniard.
As if not enough, His preferred country man, knocked the final nail on the hammer, safely handed the title to cross town rivals and condemned him to presumed joblessness come the end of the season. For a second bookable offense, Balotelli confirmed his status as the top contender for ‘Headline’ of the week for several U.K papers, a second yellow card and off he went down the tunnel. Should have gone earlier though, i thought. Ramsey then caused more pain than joy to the Arsenal faithful and I understand RvP’s frustrations, the lad should never be allowed by Wenger to play again, he will frustrate you to death…
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