My Twitter profile clearly says I would love to be a SKY/ESPN host one day, football seemingly runs my life, but now there’s something every football fan better be aware of, the power of Twitter. Did you know your football idol is probably on Twitter? Mmmmmh, if you never knew, then here’s an assignment for you, type on your browser, join if you are not yet a member, search for that footballer (probably he’s on Twitter) and follow him. Some footballers post first-hand information, pictures and even comment on anything football, that not so football, frown at decisions and just simply have fun; it’s a better way to catch up with their fans anyway.
2010 world cup, South Africa, Fabio Capello shocks the whole world by banning the whole English National Team from Twitter and Facebook. His reason, complete devotion to winning the world cup, haha the dream still lives on, England for sure never won the World cup and Twitter still exists, actually, Rio Ferdinand on the day of Capello’s exit, speaks his mind, Redknapp should come in @rioferdy5
“I think we need an English manager now, we don’t need anything else lost in translation….Harry Redknapp would be my choice by a distance.” The word ANYTHING catches my attention, don’t know what it means to Ferdinand, maybe when Ferguson goes, it might be SOMETHING else.
The examples are endless, but just before I forget; one that caught my eye in recent time and has been in the headlines in a while involves some three decent men. Two from Manchester, one from CNN and boy, you got to join Twitter.
O.K you know what I like about this case, is that there’s money involved and not just money, it’s gonna go to charity at the end of the day. Piers Morgan a famous CNN host and a die-hard Arsenal fan took a sweep at ex Arsenal player Samir Nasri who currently dons the sky blue Manchester City colours after his team, Arsenal, beat Manchester City one nil at the emirates over the weekend and effectively ended City’s title hopes. So Samir after enduring a very horrid time at the Emirates, the fans booing him all over, takes his frustrations to Twitter.
 ‘’ I’m aware what I said about titles. I’m sure I will lift a trophy with Man City before AFC. ‘’
Thinking Arsenal fans still think of him, he tweets
“@piersmorgan and to all the Arsenal fans, move on. City are 10 points ahead of you just support your team and forget about me’’
Doesn’t go down well with Arsenal fans, besides, this season Nasri for sure, is going home trophyless. Piers replies
And you know what @SamNasri19 ? Arteta’s a better No8 for us than you ever were. #Arsenal
Piers, representing team #Arsenal further ahead challenges @SamNasri19,
Bet you £10k you don’t
£10000? Well, Nasri agrees
and now, the wait is on……
But just before it all goes away, a small word of advice from Piers to the French International
By the way @samnasri19 – if you need any Benchwarming tips given your new role at City, have a chat with @themichaelowen #LeMercenarieSub
Right here and then, the third party @themichaelowen (Michael Owen) is brought into the picture, why on earth Piers brings him is utterly not fair at all. Michael Owen had posted about the lack of premier league action this weekend due to the Euro qualifiers that would be taking place on Friday.
‘No Prem football is the killer. Looks like Racing and Darts for me.’
This time still, Piers not wanting to be left behind, replies,
‘Usual Saturday for you then. Benchwarmer.’
Referring to Michael Owens lack of first team football at Man U in recent time. Owen not taking any further insults, takes a swipe at Piers’ weight and tweets, Morgan replies by correcting his English and further tweets
‘I eat too much, drink too much…yet still get picked for my employer’s first team every night, Benchwarmer. #CNN’
Satirical though, Owen doesn’t give up that easily, in quick succession, hits back with another one of his own
‘Assuming that is the case, did you get your #moobs, 4 chins and belly from drinking too much, eating too much or both?’
Piers seeming so idle at times,,,, tweets again this time, the word #benchwarmer used again
I go the gym 4 times a week, Benchwarmer,
My pecs are bigger than your entire body.’
Owen somehow keeps quiet and let it goes away, but not before Piers gets back at him again when he the Manchester United player tweets;
‘My Mother in Law just offered to look after the kids for the afternoon so I’m off down the pub with the lads.’
Now getting tired of Piers, He posts a message suggesting a £1000 bet,,,, who would last in his job longest, him or Owen.
Sincerely, Owen is not gonna be in his job for long, time is catching up and if the £1000 bet is to stand, then Owen sure is going to part with it sooner rather than later. Can’t wait to catch @piersmorgan tweet the day Owen announces his retirement. Do you want to guess what the tweet will be like? Simple, join Twitter
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